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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ready, Set, Shop! It's Black Friday Sale again!

Black Friday is probably one of the most awaited public holiday and not a federal holiday. As everyone already know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day that falls on a Friday after the fourth Thursday of November. This year, Black Friday is on November 29. Some people take the time off to go out of town, visit friends and relatives and take a relaxing break. However, Black Friday is most popular as a shopping holiday! It is known to be the start of the Christmas shopping season. People can expect special offers on a lot of things, from toys, clothing to gadgets and other electronics. It is not only anticipated by US citizens but even people from other countries like Canada. Canadian has been into cross-country shopping because of the wide sale offered by countless of malls, physical stores and even online shops. 

For a bit of information as to where the name Black Friday originated, there are actually two theories as to why the public holiday is called Black Friday. First is that the name Black Friday may have come from the incidence of heavy traffic and pedestrian, and black marks on the road caused by vehicle wheels have occurred, leading to the name. Another alternative origin came about where Black Friday came from the time when retailers start to gain profit because retailers are at a loss from January to November. Losses were recorded in red ink and profits recorded in black, and the day after Thanksgiving Day marks the start of their profit "in black".

Since this is the start of Christmas shopping, many will really make it an opportunity to get the best prices or best offers on a lot of things. Some will shop for gifts for Christmas and at the same time, buy something for themselves. While people are after appliances for their home, gadgets for themselves and toys for the kids, some may even buy during Black Friday just so they have something ready for next year. Some will buy clothes for instance at special offers or even markdown prices for the purpose of wearing it the following year.

But the most important thing to remember when shopping for clothes during a sale like during Black Friday is to buy versatile and timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion. There are some clothes that are only trendy for a certain year or season, then won't be any more after some time. Some do come back in trend but it may take a while. No one would ever want to be outdated with fashion just because they bought that certain clothing piece at a cheaper price. The trick is really to buy versatile and timeless pieces. Basic pieces from tops to bottoms can be timeless. These are absolutely great buys especially when bought on sale. Some other pieces can be versatile too like blazers, maxi skirts and more. There's actually nothing wrong with buying a unique piece of clothing. It is best not to expect too much - meaning, one must ready if the unique piece one got on sale will no longer be trendy or will soon be out of trend. What one can do is to keep it and wait as it becomes trendy again soon - most fashion pieces are like that, they come and go. Or, one can mix and match it with other trendy pieces to get a fashionable and unique look.

Another tip in shopping during Black Friday is to do a bit of research about the item you want to purchase, check which shops offer the best deals, compare prices and deals among shops. With the on going economic crisis, it's best to buy only what you need and find the best deal. You can surely get the best deal in fashionable clothes from DHstyles this coming Black Friday!