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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pretty in Babydoll Cocktail Dresses

A baby doll piece of clothing, which is usually termed as babydoll or baby-doll, is originally intended to be a woman’s nightwear.  The length is quite short and the style is loose-fitting; perfect for a comfortable sleepwear. While it brings comfort to a woman at night, it definitely brings a sexy look as well as it is usually made of sheer fabric. The picture on the left is the modern style of baby doll lingerie by Victoria’s Secret, and the picture on the right is an example of an old style baby doll lingerie. Baby doll dresses are in abundance in the fashion world, and these dresses are actually inspired by these sexy lingerie.

While there are still baby doll pieces intended for lingerie, baby doll dresses would never miss it for anything. Baby doll dresses have made it to the list of trendy clothing line from both local and international designers. Many designers have made the lingerie fashion adapt to everyday outer wear, specifically even as cocktail dresses. Baby doll dresses are great choices for every woman to be their chosen cocktail dress. It is flattering for any body type. The loose style will flatter a more voluptuous woman and it will also enhance even the slimmest woman. Either way, it is indeed functional for both body types and the rest of the body types. With this characteristic of a baby doll dress, it sure is a versatile piece of clothing. Check out Kimberly Wyatt's baby doll dress. Be inspired with celebrities' way of dressing up in baby doll dresses. As you can see, baby doll dresses make an impact by itself, only a few accessories are needed to donning this style. 

Another type of baby doll dress is inspired by the infant dolls dresses and actual infant dresses as well where the style is short enough for easy diaper changing. The pictures shown below are examples of this type of a modern baby doll dress inspired by that specific style. Both styles of babydoll dresses can be worn in a lot of ways; it can be worn as a casual dress and even a party dress. It can be worn during the sometimes hot spring and summer seasons and even through the cold season of fall and winter. The shortness of the baby doll dress’ length can be flattering to wear with a pair of leggings under it for the cold seasons and simply put a coat over it to finish the fall or winter look. During spring or summer, one can wear the dress as it is, with just a few accessories to jazz up the ensemble. There are a lot of styles of baby doll cocktail dresses to choose from nowadays so no woman will run out of choices.

The baby doll style as cocktail dresses can sure make one look absolutely pretty and eye-catching. The outfit will boost one's beauty and body silhouette. Choose from DHstyles' hand-picked baby doll dresses before it's too late.