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Friday, November 8, 2013

Extraordinary Romantic Ruffled Bustier Top

As we all know, a bustier has quite a history as it has been worn in the past for years. It can be worn a lot of ways giving a number of looks, effects and enhancements. With these, it has proven its effectiveness in making every woman now and then beautiful and totally attractive. Bustier tops have been used in the past, and it is here to stay for the generations now and the coming generations of fashion enthusiasts.

Bustier tops are used to day in a number of ways. It may be used under a chosen top or dress or the bustier top itself as a top paired with any bottom. Bustier tops may be used under the garment to enhance the bust. It will give the wearer the cleavage one desires for that sexy and seductive look. Bustier tops enhances the bust, forming the bust in a pleasant and elegant way, not making the appearance of cleavage looks uncalled for. Bustier tops can also shape the body, forming an attractive silhouette. It cinches the waist, hiding some extra tummy, making the body shape really flattering.
Even if bustier tops were originally used as undergarments, the fashion trend of today makes use of bustier tops as the top itself. It’s nice to wear it with a high waist skirt for a more feminine look. See how Ashley Greene chose to wear a bustier top with a high waist printed skirt. It is just too irresistible to look at; very dainty and attractive indeed! Bustier tops also look great with jeans. Showing a hint of tummy skin is the perfect look, just make sure to wear the right sizes to avoid coming up with bulging skin or tummy. If one is not that comfortable with too much skin, wearing a blazer or a cardigan over it is a great way to cover up while jazzing up the look.

Bustier tops may become stagnant in the world of fashion trends, but with the modern times, improvements to every fashion piece are continuously done, even on bustier tops. An example of a unique improvement to a bustier top is this romantic ruffled lace off shoulder bustier top is a unique style for a bustier top. The design is a combination of the lace and off shoulder trends without missing the original bustier top look. It sure is daring to wear, showing a hint of skin on the lace area of the top and accentuates the shoulder and chest areas with the ruffle accents. It is also designed with a smocked back for ease in wearing while still forms a flattering body shape.

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Comfort in Sexiness with Fashionable Rompers

Rompers are one of the many fashion trends hesitated to be worn by many. Most women think rompers do not look good on them, and that rompers should be exclusive for children. While this idea has some fact to it, because rompers started mainly as children’s clothing which is why the design of rompers is somewhat similar to children’s overalls, jumpers and onesies. But a romper as children’s wear is history; it’s the time to dwell in the future and modern twist in fashion pieces like rompers.

Today, the fashion industry just keeps reviving the romper fashion, as it comes and goes every time. Top fashion designers are dwelling in fashionable rompers, experimenting in the way it is designed; the flow when worn, the attractiveness of prints and colors, and the effect of textured materials. One should not hesitate in wearing rompers due to a few numbers of reasons. For one, rompers are absolutely versatile pieces. No doubt it can be worn during the day, and during the night; it’s just a matter of accessorizing and how the romper is worn. For instance, a plain or printed romper can be worn during the day with a pair of flats and a few arm candies, but at night, one can wear it with heels, spiced up with a statement necklace and with or without a blazer too if you wish to wear it that way. But sometimes, just a few or even no changes are necessary in order to wear it through the day and night. It’s a matter of choosing a romper style wearable for both day and night. Take a look at how Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton wore rompers, Nicole during the day, and Paris at night. Both are wearing a spaghetti strap romper, used a belt to accessorize it and wore it with a pair of heels.

Next thing that makes romper a great option to wear is that rompers are easy to put on. If women are in such a hurry and really have no time to decide what clothes to mix and match, then rompers are the ultimate emergency solution. Fashionable women really take their time in choosing the outfit to wear, but when emergency situation calls for it, rompers are the solution. This one-piece outfit will never be anything less than fashionable. It is indeed surprising how eye-catching rompers are. You can even get different looks from it; a romper can give a casual look among others, and the romper’s cousin the jumpsuit, can give a more sophisticated look. Jumpsuits can somehow make you look taller as it can elongate the look of your legs. While both romper and jumpsuit can give both a casual and sophisticated look, it can be attained by choosing the right material, color or print.

To top all these off, rompers are really fun to wear. It is comfortable to wear, while it flatters your body. It’s safe to say that rompers are also a must-have. It may leave the fashion limelight for sometime but expect it will come back with a bang!