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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Never Boring with Sexy White Tops

Most women love some color to their outfit. Too bad the color white in any clothing piece is seldom used by some. Some may think the color white gets dirty easily while some thinks white is a boring color. What these women do not know is that a white clothing piece can give a lot of fashion and styling possibilities.

First of all, a white top can also be sexy. Even if it is so simple in color, being a neutral color, it can give the wearer a sense of sex appeal. Not only that, white is a very neat color for clothes, which is why white is the symbol for purity. A white top can give the wearer any look one wish to attain. A white can be as casual or as formal as one need to be. With that said, white is a versatile color. The look to attain will only depend on the style of clothing. One can get a casual white top to a formal white dress and even the other way around. Styles of clothing is note limited to these, there is a wide variety of white apparels to choose from. Whatever look one dresses up for, white will give a touch of elegance and class because white itself certainly is an elegant and classy color. Even if one wears a white top for a casual look, class will always be by its side. And the best feature of versatility of white is that it can be paired with any color! If one opts for a sexy white top, then any colored bottom will suit perfectly. 

Take a look at how these celebrities paired white with any other colored apparel; from different colored bottoms to a different colored layering piece. And through that, white will never be a boring color for any look. Just add a splash of color by adding accessories, pairing it with a colored piece, wearing a colored pair of shoes or grabbing a colored bag. Since it can match any color, one must not hesitate in using bold and bright colors, such as neon colors for instance. White can not only be paired with other colored apparel or accessories but even with printed ones. Plain colors or printed, it is a great way to break the monotony of white.

A sexy white top is no different from all these possibilities with white clothing apparel. A more look can even be attained with a white top compared to a one piece dress. A sexy white top can be paired with jeans and shorts, or skirts for a more feminine look. Get every chance to dwell in white clothing pieces, even sexy white tops. DHstyles is giving each woman the opportunity to get a basic and versatile white top for whatever occasion, mood and style.