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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Striking Sublimated Styles

Little is known about sublimation fashion. Actually, sublimation fashion is from the dye-sublimation process. This process is the simplest form of imprinting or transferring a design on a garment. The sublimation process works through a chemical process of converting solid into gas without going through the liquid phase. In dye-sublimation, ink is turned into gas to be transferred and fused with a polymer, then turning back into solid form. An image is not only printed on a fabric; the ink printed on the garment turns into gas and actually fuses on to the garment. This process is not only for apparel or synthetic fabrics but also great for other synthetic materials such as mugs, pens, bags and many others.

Sublimated fashion is quite an attractive style of printing. It’s very pleasant to look at, truly attractive and stylish. The sublimation fashion has quite a distinct style; one may notice the appearance of blank streaks or spots on the apparel. This style somehow makes one piece of sublimated clothing unique from the rest. Even if two have the same sublimated prints, the effect of blank streaks will not be as exact for both. This style makes it even more attractive.

While not all have that blank effects, sublimation printed clothing is undoubtedly striking. The way the image is printed on the fabric is amazingly neat and nice. Sublimation fashion can come in almost all types of clothing; sublimation printing can be seen on tops, dresses, skirts or leggings. Indeed the effect of sublimation fashion is more on the casual side. Depending on the style, you can attain a casual dainty look, in dresses and skirts for instance.  Despite having a casual effect, it is up to the wearer to make it look more sophisticated as desired; this is through the power of mixing and matching clothing pieces. For instance, a smart looking blazer can be worn over a sublimated dress for a more sophisticated look. A sublimated top can be worn with a skinny jeans and blazer for a smart casual look.

Sublimated fashion is making a fashion statement discreetly. It’s never too much to add sublimated apparel on your closet for that unique piece of fashion. DHstyles is always updated with the latest in fashion, which is why DHstyles have sublimated styles of clothing too. The styles of the sublimation printed clothing are also up-to-date, from one shoulder dresses, ruffled and tiered dresses, romper, to tube tops and dresses and more. Splurge on this attractive sublimation style clothing pieces.