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Monday, October 14, 2013

Tips in Wearing Sheer Women's Pants

Sheer clothing, especially sheer women’s pants can be very intimidating to wear and really hard to pull off. Would you choose to wear sheer clothing like sheer women’s pants? Or you wouldn’t even bother at all? Lucky for us, style experts have come up with ways to pull off this type of revealing clothing. I found a few tips from the style expert Petra Flannery on how to wear sheer clothing and I am sharing it to you.

Her tips in wearing sheer bottoms such as sheer pants are as follows:
·         --When wearing sheer bottom, you should stay away from revealing underwear. If you want to wear a sheer bottom or sheer pants, the best underwear of choice are boyleg panties or a pair of undershorts.
·         --You can choose a sheer bottom with a built-in undergarment if you are not sure what kind of underwear is right for that certain sheer bottom or sheer pants. For instance, nowadays, there are sheer maxi skirts that come with built-in half slips.
·         --It is best to stick with sheer skirts and dresses, because sheer pants are really hard to pull off. However, this does not forbid anyone to go for it. Just choose the right undergarments to make sheer pants look classy.
·         --It is never a great idea to mix textured tights with sheer bottoms. For instance, a polka dotted tights paired with a sheer mini skirt – this is definitely a big no.
·   --When wearing a sheer bottom, careful decisions should be done when choosing a top to pair it with. They made one look an example for this tip where a tucked in button down shirt can be seen under the sheer skirt. It is really not good to look at.
·   --It is important to balance the outfit by pairing an opaque top with sheer bottom unless you are wearing a sheer dress.
·      --Try on your sheer clothing, especially sheer pants with your undergarments before heading out.  Remember to just steer away from revealing underwear when wearing sheer clothing.
·        --Looking at your sheer outfit in different lightings is helpful in finding out how it will look outside the house. Fabrics are even sheerer under day light so be cautious with how you wear it.

Consider all of these tips in coming up with a sheer outfit so you won’t have a sheer faux pas. I hope these tips from the style expert Petra Flannery have boosted your confidence in wearing sheer bottoms, even the sheer women’s pants, as I did. DHstyles sure offers stylish sheer women’s pants for you to try out. Have fun and look great in it!

Sheer Women's Pants