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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sexy Party Dresses for Different Occasions

Parties are everywhere and sometimes they just come unexpectedly. Either a friend will have her child baptized or your cousin will get married or you and your friends just feel like attending a launch party some place. You’ll never know when you’ll need to attend a party. And it is always a must to look your best as much as you could; be trendy in all possible ways. But, is your closet ready for some party dresses? It is also always the best idea to keep some sexy party dresses in your closet. And yes, you read that right; I intentionally said dresses, many sexy party dresses for all occasions. Have some sexy party dresses ready for a casual party, a semi formal party, and even a formal event.

Formal occasions always call for gowns. But it does not have to be all-gown because you can look formal in a practical way by choosing an elegant maxi dress. Maxi dresses are like gown in their own way. Maxi dresses are sexy, chic and really elegant. Just choose the appropriate color and print to suite the occasion you are heading to. It is safest to go for neutral colors, but if the occasion calls for it, you can go with vivid colors too. Prints are okay, as long as it doesn’t look too casual. The cut wouldn’t matter because tube, halter or one shoulder cuts, they will all look formal.

For semi formal parties, think cocktail parties. A sexy mini dress will be appropriate to wear to semi formal parties. Limit your prints because some prints may look to casual for a semi formal party. The cut won’t matter either so you go ahead, choose whatever cut you desire. You can choose tailored cuts for a more sophisticated look. An open back mini dress is one of the great choices for semi formal parties.

For a casual party on the other hand, mini dresses are also the appropriate choice but with a more casual cut like a sleeved mini dress. The fabric may be considered in choosing the right semi formal and casual party dresses because this will impart different effects to a dress. Chiffon sleeved mini dresses for instance are flow-y and casual in nature. In these types of parties, you can also wear slacks or trousers and pair it with a decent and party suitable top. Parties are not all about dresses but since this post is about dresses, we will focus on that. An example of a nice casual party dress is a pretty printed shift dress which will make you look beautiful and sexy at the same time.

Just remember that in choosing a sexy party dress, you have to consider if you are comfortable with it and will definitely make you feel sexy. Fashion is not just about dressing up to look good but to express our personalities too. Fill your closet with sexy party dresses to keep you well prepared for the coming parties!

Fun and Cute Polka Dot Prints

If you are going out for the day and can’t seem to decide what to wear, don’t worry because that is completely normal. That is like the norm for us women, especially fashion enthusiast who always want to look and feel good every single day. We always get that moment where we stare at our closet and can’t seem to decide what look we are going for; we keep on trying on different clothing pieces, mix and matching, but can not be truly satisfied.

We women do not have to be so preoccupied with this. There is a simple and fun way to dress up, without getting our brain so worked up on thinking what to wear. Think polka dots. Polka dots will solve your dressing up dilemmas even for whatever day it is. Polka dots are really fun prints. There are many fun polka dot prints to choose from; there are uniformly colored dots or even more fun multi-colored polka dots. There are also basic colored dots and much more vibrant neon colored polka dots. Polka dots vary in sizes too. You can go a bit discreet with small polka dots or go bold with really large dots.

Polka dots aside from being a fun print; it is also a very versatile print. You can definitely wear it during you casual days out with friends or family. Either you choose a polka dotted blouse, skirt or shorts, whatever casual pieces you can find, it will sure make your casual get up look so fun. Aside from being casual, you can also wear it to a semi formal occasion like parties. You can go for polka dotted dresses, a dotted blouse or even a pair of polka dot trousers appropriate for the occasion. The kind of dots and the color can be appropriate for certain different occasions. Like bigger dots give that more casual feel, while smaller dots are more sophisticated and great for semi formal occasions. Medium dots are always a safe choice. You don’t even have to worry what season to wear this fun print because it is timeless. There’s no stopping you from wearing this through fall and winter. And, it is especially fun to wear during summer and spring. What makes it even more fun is that you can mix this print with other prints too.

This cute and fun polka dot print is definitely the solution to your everyday dilemma. Choose from a wide variety of polka dots, from different sizes and colors. Do not limit yourselves with the usual plain outfits and have fun with these cute polka dots.

Polka Dot Prints