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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bring out your Inner Rock Star Style

As we all know, each of us has our own personalities, varying from one person to another. Even our taste in fashion varies. There are the conservative ones, while others like to dress up daring. Some love to look dainty all the time, while some are satisfied with being casual. For some, fashion is about being trendy and stylish and dressing to look good. While this is also true, fashion must also be a way of revealing one’s personality. But this does not mean you can’t try out different kinds of trends. Fashion allows us to deviate and think outside the box.

Make your look more exciting by dressing up like a rock star. You don’t actually need to forget about your own sense of style in dressing up like a rock star. You just have to add a few touches, or dress up in rock star inspired clothing pieces. To know which style to wear for that rock star chic look, think skulls, think fringes (this style will be featured in the next coming blog posts), think studs, think leather, think something black or gray. You can wear one of these, or a combination of all.

Let me come up with one look to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. For instance, you are one of the daring kinds of gals; you can go for the studded look by choosing a studded midriff bra top. You don’t have to go all out rock star for you can pair it with a basic skirt and a pair of boots to complete your look. Or you can pick a dress and put a rock star inspired leather jacket over it. If you are more on the conservative side, there are rock star inspired pieces for you too. You can choose to wear a studded pull over, pair it with a shredded, studded or leather jeans. You can wear them both at the same time or go light on the rock star style by wearing one piece at a time. For the times you just want to dress down but still rock in outfit, you can wear a few rock star inspired accessories, like belts, rings or necklaces. These cute little pieces can surely add a touch of rock star chic to your ensemble.

It’s good to add a different style to your usual taste in fashion. This is a fun way to look good and it will make your look even more exciting. Bring out your inner rock star personality with rock star styles! Check out what DHstyles have in store for you to get that rock star look.

Peplum Dresses Works Wonders

Peplum dresses have made its comeback with a bang! This stylish peplum dresses has been used for quite a long time. At times, this trend has endured parting the limelight, as if silently being stylish on one side. Peplum is a actually a style of the past but resurfaced to face the limelight of fashion trends. It is amazing that peplum dresses started during the time of the ancient Greece. I myself thought that the peplum style only originated during the 20th century. It has been present during the 1800’s but it was during the 1940’s, the peplum started to become famous in the fashion industry. It disappeared after the 1940’s, resurfaced during the 80’s and then disappeared again.

Obviously, now it has resurfaced once again to dominate the fashion world. With the coming and going of the peplum style, I believe that this is a characteristic of a very timeless trend. I have a young friend who is also a fashion enthusiast, who bought a peplum dress during the year 2010. It was trendy during that year, but when she got pregnant, she wasn’t able to wear the dress. Thinking she may have no longer use for the dress, she still kept it in the innermost part of her closet. But to her surprise, year 2012 the peplum style was back and still trendy even up to this year. This is just one example that it is worth investing in trends as fashion just come and go. There may be a few modifications but it is still the same trend.

“But why do you have to invest in this trend?” you may ask. What benefits will this trend give you? The peplum style looks and designed that way for certain reasons. Peplum styled apparel can actually be for any body type. You will be surprised that the peplum style’s benefits works wonders with all body types. For one, peplum styles have that cinching effect on the waist. This is because of how the peplum is designed. Peplum dresses or blouses are designed where a short section of fabric is attached to the waist of the dress or blouse extending down the hips or just above the hips. Peplum has a variety of variety of styles too. Aside from the cinching effect, this style also accentuates the hips. Actually, the main purpose of peplum was to highlight the waist while accentuating the hips.

Try a Peplum dress to benefit from this style. If you are still a bit too hesitant to try it, you can go for a peplum belt to see how it goes for your body type and for your confidence. I’m sure this style will work wonders for you too.

Sexy Halloween Costumes 2013

 We Love Halloween!  

What we don't like is how we waste our costume costs year after year especially us girls on a budget!  Here are ways for you to kill two birds with one stone:  Keep your clothing year round to wear and also use it this Halloween as part of your costume!  Just have your creative hat on and take a look below and create your own one of a kind costume this year!

Some of the ideas we had in mind when picked our selections (P.S.  Don't limit yourself with the stuff we've picked out, you can view other choices from our Clothing category and pick out a perfect outfit for you)

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Halloween Costume Ideas