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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fresh Ideas to Wear Pencil Skirts/Dresses

Pencil skirts are forever fashionable. These are absolutely timeless pieces for the history of pencil skirts have started since the early 1900s. Inspired by and shortened adaptation of the Hobble skirt, Christian Dior introduced the pencil skirt during the 1940s. After the shapeless dresses during the roaring 20s, the pencil skirts were instantly admired by women due to its curvy nature of the newly introduced pencil skirts. Women welcomed the pencil skirts with arms wide open, for they desired a curvy and more feminine look after the war. Hollywood celebrities of that time was even into wearing pencil skirts, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. No doubt it is a timeless piece for Hollywood celebrities of today are still into wearing pencil skirts.

Today, it has been an essential piece of clothing for the corporate look. While it still is, modern fashion era allowed it to be used for other purposes and styled for various ways. Fashion has again made another innovation with the classic pencil skirts. We are here to share with you fresh ideas on how to wear a pencil skirt.

1.       Wear it for a feminine relaxed look. First thing that may come to mind about the pencil skirts is the corporate look. Bear in mind that the pencil skirts or pencil cut dresses for that matter are not exclusive to the corporate look. Make it look relaxed by pairing it with a relaxed fit blouse and a casual footwear like doll shoes or strappy sandals.

2.       Wear it for a party night out. Amazingly, pencil skirts can also be worn to parties or dinner dates. With the right top, like a sparkly party blouse or a bustier cropped top, you will surely look like an elegant party animal. Don’t forget to accessorize, wear those killer heels and grab a fabulous purse.

3.       Wear it for a corporate look. This is probably the most used styling for pencil skirts. Do I need to elaborate more? It may not be an entirely fresh idea but just for the sake of being fair, wearing pencil skirts are also essential for a sophisticated corporate look. You can make this style a fresher idea by wearing printed or colorful pencil skirts to the office, as long as the company you work for allow it. It will be a whole new exciting corporate look.

There are wide options of pencil skirts colors and prints actually; there are plain neutral colored pencil skirts, brightly colored pencil skirts, and even printed pencil skirts. Choose which is the best color and print of pencil skirts for the look you want to achieve. Choosing a colored pencil skirt is a great chance to go for the color blocking trend. Plain pencil skirts can easily be paired with a wide variety of blouses. You can also layer it with a jacket or cardigan for a more exciting look. Printed pencil skirts will allow you to get a look in many ways like giving you a chance to mix prints or make a plain top come to life.

I almost forgot, pencil cut dresses are also great to wear in the three styles mentioned. Just see which color and print goes perfectly with that style. Do some layering and accessorizing for style variation.

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