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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Butterfly Clothing as your Wings to Fashion

With all the countless variety of clothing styles and all limitless attractive designs, with all the colorful options to match every woman’s mood, it’s no wonder all fashion enthusiasts go crazy over fashion. There can be too many styles to choose from, more than we can ever handle. There are just too much trends that we have to sink in and internalize with. The fact that each fashion item is made to match certain types of personalities, it can turn out as a complex option since women have different personalities. Not only does the compexity applies to clothing designs, colors, prints or even accessories, but also to even the simplest detail such as a clothing's sleeves for instance.

One example of a certain design that can make us go dizzy with the extensive variety is the sleeves design. You may not know it but there are a lot of sleeve designs out and about the fashion world. There are the common puff sleeves, dolman sleeves, bishop sleeves, butterfly sleeves and so on. Designers even use put their own variations in each sleeve design making it further confusing. I am not here to confuse you though. I am just here to give emphasis on the Butterfly sleeves.

Butterfly sleeves design is a loose kind of sleeve that starts from the shoulder and eventually gets wider towards the end of the sleeve. Its length does not usually go longer than about 4 to 5 inches. However, butterfly sleeves can be quite difficult to distinguish from the rest of the sleeve design as it can have a resemblance with the other designs. To better distinguish it, this type of sleeve does not go entirely around the arm just like with bell sleeves. You can actually see in this picture how the sleeves' butterfly design actually starts from the shoulders and how the sleeves does not actually go around the entire arm, much like an asymmetrical sleeves.
Butterfly sleeves can be as flattering as any other types of sleeves. It can focus the attention to your shoulders and to your arms. The style can give emphasis to those well toned arms of yours too. Or if you do not want an emphasis to your arms, you can just go for the longer version to conceal the part you do not wish be noticed. Aside from butterfly sleeves, you can also go for butterfly printed tops and dresses in a design that will match your mood and personality.

To get your very own butterfly inspired style trend, visit DHstyes for some option in butterfly sleeved tops and dresses and butterfly printed apparels (plus accessories). These high quality tops and dresses are great budget savers while going with the current fashion trend. Take one step closer to a flattering way of dressing up as you wear your very own wings as a beautiful butterfly fluttering its way and making a statement through the complex world of fashion.

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