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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gift Guide for Women’s Top 10 Fabulous Necessities

I get all jittery and excited by the mere thought of gifts! Whatever the occasion may be it is better to prepare for some gift ideas. This gift guide will help you choose the perfect gift for all the women in your lives; from your mother or sister, to your girl friend or wife. Read on!
  1. Fragrant Bath set: Spending some time in the tub is one way for women to get some relaxation other than the fact for cleansing and moisturizing her body. Her bath time will be made even more relaxing if you give her a bath set with her choice of scent. If you are not familiar with her taste in scents, you can always go for a floral fresh scent or powdery scents. These scents never fail to please a woman. Give her the skin pampering and relaxation she deserves.
  2. Make up kit or facial care items: After some body cleansing, she will definitely head on to her vanity table to paint her face with her trusted make ups. Give her something to color her face with like eye shadow palettes, lipsticks or some blush-on. Knowing your women so well, I’m sure you’ll notice what make up color she usually wears. From the wide selection of make up brands, you can just choose hypoallergenic make up products to avoid from giving her skin irritations. If she’s not into make up, you can give her facial moisturizers or facial sun block to let her continue caring for her face.
  3. Long lasting Perfume: Women want to smell good for a very long time. While her fragrant bath soap won’t last all day, her perfume will. Satisfy her with her favorite brand of perfume and you too will enjoy her company.
  4. Stylish Outfit: Since there are a lot of clothing style to choose from, choosing the right outfit to give her takes a lot of getting-to-know you phase. Know what clothing she’s into: if she is a dress aficionado, or a t-shirt kind of gal. Once you know what her basic type is, you can make your own choice and I’m sure it’ll be appreciated.
  5. The Perfect Blazer: She may have a lot of clothes already so why not give her something a bit more when it comes to clothes. A blazer is going to be a perfect choice. This will be essential for her to spice up whatever outfit she wears or even keep her warm while looking classy and sophisticated. Plus, a blazer will not be a hard choice; you can choose a plain neutral colored one with a basic cut for a safe option she will surely like.
  6. A handy Bag: A bag is going to be her ultimate companion. A woman needs a bag where ever she goes for a woman never leaves her home without her essentials. She needs a bag where she can put her make up, phone, keys, wallet and others. Give her a stylish and spacious bag to allow her to stay fabulous while carrying all the things she needs.
  7. Pair of Footwear: Make her stand out by giving her the pair of shoes or sandals she’s been dying to have. Any woman would want some pair of sandals for her casual or everyday wear. Or you can always go overboard by giving her a pair of high heeled shoes.
  8. Eye-catching Jewelry: A woman won’t be complete without wearing some sparkly or colorful accessories. Give accessories as a gift to make her feel complete and exciting.
  9. Gadget accessory: If she loves to dress up, I’m sure she loves to dress up her gadgets too. Make her feel loved as you give her a phone or tablet protective and stylish casing. She would love to give her most valuable gadget something to look good and protect with.
  10. Gift Certificates: Lastly, if you still can’t decide what kind of gift to give her, you can always opt for a GC as your last resort. But remember, a well thought gift is more appreciated.

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