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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Hint of Sexiness in Keyhole Clothing

Keyhole has emerged into the spotlight within the fashion industry starting from the red carpet. Famous celebrities have been raving about this specific design in tops or dresses and even gowns. And through this, the fashion elites are then challenged to produce more due to the increase in demand. Keyhole is some what related to the cut out trend design of clothing. However, the cut outs in keyhole clothing are often times just a few, like about 1 or 2 cut outs mainly positioned on the upper body, mostly on the chest part, some on the sides and others on the back.

Wearing a keyhole top or dress is a way to be daring and sexy in your own way. How daring and sexy can you be? Well, keyhole clothing allows you to show a bit of skin or a lot of skin to look daring and sexy. You can choose to bare a huge part of your skin or even just a small one. There are a lot of different kinds of keyhole design and through these variations you can dress up depending on how you want to look. There are keyholes styles that have a plunging neckline which can be very revealing in showing a part of your chest; wearing this type of keyhole dress or top will make you look absolutely sexy and flirty. However, be careful in wearing this type of keyhole with a very revealing cut out to prevent you from looking trashy and out of class. Daring does not have to be trashy; being daring can also coincide with a touch of class. It’s a good thing there are keyhole tops and dresses with only a small cut out. This is perfect for the conservative ones who wish to dress up with a hint of sexiness to their look. With small keyholes, you can be discreetly daring by baring just a small part of your skin. Keyhole on the sides and backs are also safe choices for looking sexy and elegant at the same time. You can show off that curvy figure and your amazingly slim waistline with side keyholes. Keyhole at the back part can be absolutely elegant and sexy too.

DHstyles has never failed to provide you with the latest trends yet again. We offer a wide array of keyhole designed clothing. Choose from the many stylish keyhole party dresses with varying keyhole sizes; some dresses are great for parties, for clubbing and even for the office. Different keyhole tops are also available which are perfect as club wear and others are great for a regular day outside looking stylishly sexy. Do not be afraid to try out new things, and I say, try this Keyhole trend to dress up out of the ordinary. It is about time to add a hint of sexiness to your look. I dare you to bare some of that flawless skin and flaunt those assets and sexy curves. 

Keyhole Clothing

A touch of Jersey in your Closet with Jersey Knit Tops and Dresses

Check out your closet and see if you have a piece of clothing made of the jersey fabric. Do you have one? If yes then you’re on the right track. If not, then don’t worry. I’m here to shed some light about this amazingly comfortable fabric.

Jersey is a kind of knit fabric used by the clothing industry, originally made of wool but is now made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel used Jersey during the time it was strictly intended for underwear. And because of that, Jersey made clothing has now been in a great part of our fashionable lives. There are actually different kinds of jersey knit fabric, used in different kinds of clothing. This kind of fabric is one of my most sought after material in a top or dress. Why so? Because for me, this material is super comfy! If I can buy all types of jersey tops and dresses, I would. It is a very versatile kind of fabric which is used for causal to even formal clothes.

You can opt to look casual during a lazy Sunday by wearing a jersey knit top, pair it with your favorite acid washed jeans, slip on to your chucks and head on to the mall for a casual relaxation or to the supermarket for some weekend errands. You can also dress to look sweet, sexy and sophisticated by wearing a sexy mini dress to that romantic dinner date with the boyfriend or hubby. Another way you can wear jersey knit made clothing is to use it to a party, semi formal or a formal event won’t matter. Choose a sexy and figure flattering party dress for the semi-formal event or an elegant asymmetrical dress for a formal occasion. What makes it even more versatile is that you can even use a jersey made top or dress as a corporate wear as long as you choose the right cut. Put a blazer on top of it and you’re in an office worthy outfit.

Aside from these limitless possibilities of wearing a jersey knit top or dress and the wide variety of style selection, I totally admire this kind of fabric in clothes because of the benefits it can give me and even to anyone who wears this kind of clothing. First of all, I love the comfort it gives. The smoothness of the fabric is making me want to wear it over and over again. Even if you wear it all day long, you won’t have to worry about being comfortable. Next is how this material can be figure flattering. May it be in a loose fitting style or a tight body-hugging style; both can be very complimenting to your figure. For instance, loose fitting tops can just drop freely from the body and conceal any unwanted parts like the waist for example and can emphasize your hips. Tight fitting tops and dresses can emphasize your curvy and sexy body.

Try on some Jersey Knit tops and dresses to see and feel how amazing it can be. DHstyles dedicated one category with a wide array for jersey knit clothing just for you

Looking Hot in Halter Tops and Dresses

The Halter neck style in fashion is one of the sexiest and elegant styles of clothing. The uniquely slanting direction of the straps towards the back of the neck looks kind of fun and flirty. Usually, halter tops and dresses comes with two straps tied at the back of the neck, and some are just a piece of cloth forming the triangular shape of the halter neck. This style was popularly worn by Marilyn Monroe. Hollywood designers first came up with the halter neck style of dresses during the 1930s. Halter tops and dresses can be a bit tricky. Unfortunately, it can not look flattering on all kinds of body types. So how can you look hot in these sexy halter tops and dresses?

First and most important of all, know your body type. Do you have an inverted triangle body shape? Or perhaps you are blessed with an hourglass figure? What about a rectangular or a straight body type? Or maybe you have a pear shaped body? After knowing your body type, you should know if the halter neck style will look good on you. The halter style in tops and dresses will look great on most of these body shapes except for the pear shape. Pear shaped as you may know is the body shape with narrow shoulders, small bust and broad hips, much like the triangle shape too. So if pear shaped women would wear halter tops or dresses, the clothes will not be so flattering because it will only put emphasis on the triangular shape of the body even more. You would want to flatter your figure, and not make it worse. So it is not that recommended for this type of body. But if you still wish to wear a halter top or dress, it’s okay as long as you know how to accessorize to flatter your figure even more. Consider wearing a cropped blazer to enhance your narrow shoulders and balance out your curvy broad hips. For the rest of the body type, a halter styled clothing will look great on them. There are several styles of halter clothing that will help give emphasis and enhance those body shapes. For instance, a halter top or dress with a snug fit around the bust area will give emphasis on that. Women with an hourglass shape can wear a halter dress with skirt that will drape down to the hips, skimming the curves. Those with a rectangular or straight body type can wear ruffled, pleated or bubble skirted halter dress to create curves. 

Next, choose the right neckline appropriate to the occasion. Halter tops and dresses come in a wide variety of necklines, some give you a complete coverage on the chest area, some will let you bare discreetly, and others will allow you to bare it all. Lastly, choose a halter styled clothing that is of great quality and comfortable. Due to the different variety of halter styles, there may be some kinds which will not be comfortable for you to wear. Consider the straps and the halter design. Some straps may be too uncomfortable or painful for that matter and some may not be too comfortable around the armpit area. The best choice is the halter straps in the same fabric material as the dress.

When you are done choosing the right halter dress for you, do not forget to accessorize! Head on to DHstyles to feast on a wide selection of halter tops and dresses. Wear one and you’ll definitely look hot in it.