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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Intricate Details in your Crochet Looks

Crochets are attractive artwork. Crochet as we all know is the art or process of making a fabric out of thread or yarn, coming up with different attractive patterns, by the use of a crochet hook. Crochet is the French word meaning hook. But does anyone know the history and origin of crochet? Unfortunately, this intricate and attractive artwork has no record of its actual origins. Many areas like China, Southern America and Arabia claimed that they invented the art of crochet. There are even no evidences that show this practice to have started before its popularity in the 19th century. 

Crochet became popular during the 1800s being an alternative to lace. It is a cheap and quick way for the middle class to come up with a lace like fabric through crochet. It was considered an imitation of status symbol by the middle class society because only high class society could afford expensive laces. The high class society did not appreciate this artwork. The popularity of crochet even peaked during the 1900s with the coming of more complex patterns. It was considered to be a ladylike activity showing the skillful hands of women to potential suitors.

During the 1980s, crochet popularity began to decline. The rise of economy brought about this fall down. More people had work and busy with it and no more to teach this artwork in the school’s curriculum. Luckily, it has made its comeback as a hobby and in itself artwork during the 1990s. It was in and out of spotlight but this artwork is here to stay.

As this may be the case of crochet history, no one can hinder its evolution with the fashion trend. Crochet has evolved to even more colorful patterns and much more complex patterns. It has even been used for a variety of purposes. The fashion industry has continued to use crochet in clothing pieces, accessories and more.

Simple dresses can look elegant and exciting with the touch of crochet to it. These intricate details and complex patterns of crochet make clothing and even accessories very attractive. Being in the fashion industry for quite a long time, modern twists of crochet fashion can still give a classic feel to it. A vintage look has been one of the latest trends and crochet is the way to o vintage. Crochet speaks old school fashion. Wearing crochet or crochet detailed clothing and accessories make you beautiful in a classical way.

Take a look at DHstyle’s crochet clothing and accessories. Crochets are actually timeless pieces therefore making it worth every penny. It comes and goes but it will never go extinct from the fashion world. Choose from DHstyles wide selection of crochet pieces and come up with your own intricate crochet look. 

Dare to Wear Cut out Tops and Dresses

Cut outs are such great clothing pieces that allow you to bare some skin discreetly and be totally daring in your own simple way. This fashion trend has been so hot lately specially during spring of 2013 where all the prominent brands came up with their own cut out designed tops and dresses. However, wearing cut out tops and dresses the wrong way can make you look vulgar and definitely not pleasing to anyone’s eyes.

You have to know your assets to decide which cut out style is right for you. Knowing your assets will help you tactically consider the place of the cut out areas to those asset parts.  If you have shoulders and collarbone you are so proud of, you can choose cut outs that will reveal those parts. If you haven’t tried this trend yet, you can start off with a simple top that has cut out designs. Feel how comfortable you can be and see how sexy you will look with these cut outs too. Wearing a cut out top can also be fun and flirty. A simple top can look extraordinary, adding a bit of flirtatiousness and sexiness to your whole look. You can look casual with a touch of sexiness. 

If you are proud of your slim waistline and your very flat and toned tummy, you can bare this sexy figure by bringing this trend to the beach. Swimsuits these days are over loading with the cut out style from multiple sides cut outs to tummy cut outs; these swimsuits will definitely catch attention towards your assets. There are also dresses that have cut outs on the waist and tummy area, but you have to wear these only at appropriate events to prevent looking too vulgar and trashy. You can wear these dresses to certain parties or wear it as club wear.

If you want to go beyond the ordinary as you dress for the office, you can also bring the cut out trend to the corporate world but of course with the right positioning of the cut out area. There are sophisticated looking cut our dresses that bare the appropriate areas of your body. Like cut outs at the collarbone area. The cut out should never extend to your chest, making your chest pop out. And tummy area and waist area cut outs are not appropriate for the corporate world. Back area cut outs are good too, as long as the dresses you choose are of well-tailored and sophisticated cuts.

In totality, if you are still a bit hesitant to try this style, there are cut out styles that are even more discreet by being layered with lace or mesh materials. That way, you wouldn’t feel that those parts of your skin are too exposed.

Head on to DHstyles and see their wide selection of cut out tops and dresses. You will be assured of trendy cut out clothing without cutting your budget. This is yet again another budget-friendly style at DHstyles.