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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cheap Cocktail Dresses for all Body Types

Your friend is planning to throw a cocktail party this weekend and you’re definitely excited to go shopping with friends for the right cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses are not just worn to cocktail parties but also to other semi-formal and black tie occasions. Did you know that the renowned Christian Dior first used the term “cocktail dress” to refer to early evening wear in the 1940s?

With the wide variety of cocktail dresses from different cuts, styles, colors and prints, it can get really confusing as to what cocktail dress will actually suit you. We all know that not all style will match all body shapes. The trick is to find one that will enhance your bodily assets and stir away the attention from the parts you don’t really like much. The main goal in choosing the right cocktail dress is to create an illusion of a perfect body proportion particularly like an hourglass shaped body.

To start off, if you are one of the lucky ones to be born into having an hourglass figure, then you need not worry about anything. You would want to pick out a cocktail dress which emphasizes your sexy silhouette. Bandage dresses are a few good examples of dresses for this body type. Loose fitting dresses are totally fine, as long as they are not too loose which will make you look lousy in dressing up. You can add a belt to emphasize your figure for these types of dresses. Dresses with defined midsections and flared skirts are also perfect for this body type.

Plus-sized women must not be left behind in choosing the right cocktail dresses too. A-line skirts are universally flattering for this type of body shape. Empire cut dresses are great styles in emphasizing the waist. It might not be as slim as you desire but you must not be afraid to use this cut because it will definitely enhance the waist. Halter dresses will also draw attention on your upper body and face. Choose dresses in flowing fabric too.

For the pear shape body, choose a cocktail dress that will create a balance with your slim shoulders and wide hips. Strapless and halter dresses are great options because this will make the upper body as the focus of attention and will draw attention away from those hips. Choose dresses that will greatly define your default beautiful waists. A-lines are also great because they gorgeously skim the hips.

The apple shape body must pick a cocktail dress that will streamline the figure and define the waist more. Wrap dresses are great choices for they enhance the bust and define the waist. Soft draping fabrics are the best choice than stretchy and clingy ones.

For the inverted triangle body, choose dresses that will move attention away from the upper body and create volume to your lower body. V and sweetheart necklines are great for they draw the attention to your chest and away from the broad shoulders. A-lines and pleated skirts are great to cinch the waist and create volume on the lower hips.

Rectangular shape body needs dresses that will create the illusion of sexy figure. Peplum dresses are great examples to create a curvy figure. Empire cuts will define the waist and add volume to the lower body and gain attention for the upper body. Wear a belt to help define the waist too.

You will be happy to know that DHstyles offer a wide selection of cocktail dresses, perfect for that event you are planning to go to. Choose the dress that will make you look and feel good.

Look Slim and Sexy with Corsets and Bustiers

Like any other fashion statement, Corset is one old style that has made its comeback with a blast! Corsets are used both by men and women during the old days, women being the common wearers of these pieces. This garment is used to hold and to shape the body or the torso into the desired hourglass shape. Corsets are used not only for aesthetic purposes but also for medical purposes too.

For aesthetic or fashion purpose, it is used to attain the desired fashionable silhouette a woman desires. Corsets were used to slim down the body, to reduce the waist and enhance the bust and the hips. Men also used to wear corsets for the same slimming purpose. Corsets were used as a medical aid for people with spinal problems like scoliosis to prevent mobility and give protection to the torso.
What about bustiers? How do you differentiate a corset and a bustier? From a source I’ve read, a corset will give a “cinch” effect while a bustier will give a “boost” effect. Corsets are made of a flexible material which the length extending below the waist: at the hips or even lower. Corsets are stiffened with boning made of plastic nowadays which is also held together by usually lacing get that silhouette women want. Bustiers on the other hand has a built in bra and shorter than corsets which end above or exactly at the waist.

But what should you pick to wear? Choose to wear both but one a time of course! It really depends on what effect you want to get. If you want a slimmer waist and bigger looking hips then you should go for the corset. If you want a boost to your chest then go with a bustier.  It’s good to invest in one corset and one bustier to add to your collection of fashionable items. It is never a waste of money because these pieces are timeless. Its history is just proof that this fashion trend is here to stay. During the 1500’s, the wife of King Henry II of France banned thick waists during court attendance, hence requiring the use of corsets. The latest fashion trends has made a few modifications to both corsets and bustiers, using different materials like lacey materials, using printed materials and using plastic as boning instead of the whalebone and metal used in the early years. Whatever design and style corsets and bustiers have come up, it is still used for the same purpose as of today: to cinch and to boost. You don’t even have to worry about not being able to breath; this is the 21st century, fashion these days is about looking stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Don’t delay in checking out some of DHstyles’ corsets and bustiers. You will be surprised at the wide selection of these timeless and classic pieces. Combine the effort of looking slim and sexy with the capacity to stay fashionable. Looking slim and sexy has never been this easy. Give your look a boost so as to get a boost of confidence too.

Choosing the right Color Block Clothing

What is Color Blocking if you might ask? Color blocking is the way to dress up in two or more solid colors and combine these outfits in one gorgeous ensemble. This style of dressing up involves solid, bold and vibrant colors. In combining the right colors for color blocking, the result is very fashionable and chic indeed! Take note that prints and patterns are not used in color blocking. Prints and pattern combinations are used in another styling.

You might also be wondering if this is the style of dressing up actually is for you? First of all, any style of dressing up should match your personality. It is not healthy in the fashion sense of speaking if you just follow trends blindly, just for the sake of being with the latest trend. Try color blocking while incorporating your own sense or styling and personality. You can choose to color block with colors that actually matches your personality and style.

Another tip for color blocking is to look at the color wheel. Look at colors that are opposite each other and beside each other. These colors are okay to match. But if you are quite hesitant to try bold colors altogether, you can still try to pair it with the basic colors like blue as a chambray top, or neutral colored khakis to resemble a tan color.

You also have to turn down a bit with the accessories and make up. If you have too much colors going on with your outfit, then tone down a bit with the bag, shoes and make up. But if you only chose one old color for your outfit, you can color block with our bag plus your shoes for a holistic color blocking look. Remember to limit to only about three color combinations to not look like you are going for a circus act.
Another trick to pull off color blocking is to wear this bright and bold color on your asset area. Putting it there will attract attention to your asset and not on the part you don’t like. You can choose to wear a neutral colored outfit or darker shade on your trouble areas and wear the other bright colors on asset parts and as accessories.

Try a few colors first and see how it goes. Try combining colors of one shade but of different tones like lavender, purple, and magenta or like the one shown in the picture where pink, purple and orange are used as color blocking style. It is a simple way to start color blocking without the fear of mistaking in what colors to match. Once you get the hang of it, you can try color blocking with more colors and with opposite colors like blue and yellow, purple and green and so on. Layering clothes is a way to help you with this style of dressing up.

You can color block to just about anywhere. And yes, even at the office. Just stick to the tailored clothing and add a neutral colored piece to the bright and bold color you chose to make it office appropriate attire. The trick to this style is to have fun with colors. Never fear in mix and matching colors.