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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Tops Perfect for the Cold Season

Winter is coming! It is about time for the “Bbbrrrr” season. Snow will soon start falling and the cold air breeze will run through your face. For some women, the fall and winter season might be the time to slack on staying fashionable and wearing fashionable outfits. Truly the cold weather makes one so lazy, and it gives that certain gloomy mood too. But this must not be the case for all women. Fall and winter season must never limit each woman to stay stylish and fashionable. Staying stylish will never allow your need to stay warm to be sacrificed during this cold season. I will share to you some handy tips on how to stay warm and look so fab at the same time.

First, you have to do some layering. Check your closet for some cashmere sweater and tops with materials that will actually make you feel warm. Turtle neck tops never fail to warm you up during the cold but still look stylish. Plus, protecting the neck is also an added benefit.

Second, accessorize. Protect your head from the cold by wearing a beanie or a hat that will cover the ears too like knitted beanies; use a scarf that will add color and style to your ensemble while protecting your neck from the cold like chunky scarves; and protect those precious hands by wearing gloves. Don’t forget to carry a bag for your essentials.

Third, wear comfortable shoes that will also give warmth and cover the entire feet and legs if possible. Boots are usually great choices for this season but you can always deviate from the norm by wearing sneakers with leg warmers or wear tights and thermal leggings if you opt to wear skirts or dresses.

Fourth, pick a coat. Invest in a coat that will serve both warmth and style. Pick one that suits you and neutral colors are the safest choices to pick. Choose the appropriate material based on the warmth it will give that is right in your area. You don’t want to stay too warm – it’s not comfy either.

I want to mainly focus on the layering tip. For some, it can be a bit tricky but once you try it and get the hang of it, you will actually have fun doing it. It is more like mix and matching. There are many top styles or options which you can use for layering. You can use and layer a basic tank top or a tee under a cute warm sweater – that sure sounds comfy. You can also try it the other way around, by wearing stylish long sleeves or sweater under a fashionable vest. Add even more layering by wearing your choice of top, a cardigan and a jacket. Just make sure you are wearing the proper clothing materials to get just the right amount of warmth you need to.

Keep these tips in mind so you’ll always be prepared in the coming fall and winter season.

Boho Tops in the Greenlight

Before anything else, I would just like to clarify that “boho” is different from “hobo”. So if you meant to read about hobos, you have redirected yourself to the wrong site. This is a fashion blog. Go search for your hobo somewhere else! In any case, I know not all of you may have the brightest idea of what a “boho chic” type of fashion is. So let me help you with that. Boho chic is basically a type of female fashion influenced by bohemian and hippie. This trend has been in the green light of fashion since late 2000. Actresses such as Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins and Kate Moss have been spotted wearing this chic fashion.

If you are interested in this look, read along. It only takes a few easy steps to acquire this style! First and foremost, to be considered a boho chick (yes, I meant chick not chic) you need to get that laid back look. What I actually find interesting about this type of fashion – you do not need to show that you have exerted an effort in dressing up and you can still look fashionable to achieve that boho chic look. Ironically cool, huh? Wearing heavy makeup is not even necessary. If anything, concealer to cover up those blemishes and cheek tint to add color on your cheeks would be fine. But you could always go further if you wish to. 

A typical boho chic look needs a couple of over-sized things such as an over-sized bag, an over-sized pair of sunglasses, and an oversized top. Picking the right set of clothes is important to pull off this look but accessorizing is more important. Here is a list of other things a boho chic would wear: Long floaty skirts, Flowy tops, Distressed jeans, cropped military jackets, scarves, and sheepskin and/or cowboy boots.

Going boho only means you get to make the most out of the fun part – over accessorizing! You are going to need necklaces, arm candies, even anklets. This part is limitless; you can stop whenever you are satisfied. Actually, the whole idea of a boho chic look is limitless – there are no rules! Boho chic has a safari feel to its fashion, that is why when it comes to colors; boho chic does not really promote bright colors. They are more of the warm earthy colors. Another fun fact about this look is that women of any age can easily pull it off. Boho chic also has that vintage vibe to it that would look undeniably awesome when it gets combined with modern style. In terms of hair, they love to let their hair out. A boho chic’s hair is usually long and wavy rather than it being short. 

Being boho chic is nice. You send out a cool good vibe to people just by looking at you – you do not even have to say anything. Just like the hippies; like there is not a care you give about anything and I mean that in every good possible way.

Effects of a Sexy Top on You

Are you so sick of your everyday look? Are you getting so bored with it that it makes you so lazy to stay fashionable? Or perhaps you’re too tired from all the stress from work or from all the household chores, making you lose your energy to dress up? Self-esteem has been a common psychological problem for most women. The fact that not all women are satisfied with their facial features, their body figure, their complexion, their hair texture or their overall look affects their own self-esteems even further. Every woman somewhat has the desire to look sexy in their own ways. But are all women capable of looking sexy and feeling sexy all the same time?

Women tend to endure a lot of stress every day: from teenagers to young women to adult. Teenagers get stressed from pop quizzes to their stubborn boyfriends, and get stressed from peer pressure and curfews. Young and adult women, married or single, are stressed with work related assignments such as daily quotas; getting too bothered looking for the right man to spend the rest of their lives with, or married women getting too worked up with how to keep up with the children without taking the dear husband for granted. Well I say we shouldn't get too affected by all these stress and start sorting out our priorities by making fashion our top priority.

You will see that by starting to look and feel good with ourselves, everything else will definitely follow. Try wearing a sexy top for once and see how will affect you even just for a day. In choosing the right sexy top, you have to consider a lot of things first. Think hard what you consider as your asset. Even for someone who hates just about any part of her face and body, I’m sure even one part is appreciated. If you have that certain body part as an asset already in mind, choose a top that will compliment or enhance that asset even more. For instance, if you love how slim your waistline is, then choose a very tight-fitting-body-hugging top like the oh-so-sexy corset top. If you are proud of the size of your chest then you have all the right to wear a plunging neckline top. 

Sexy tops aren’t just to show off or to enhance the upper part of your body but there are sexy tops that can help conceal those unwanted parts too. If you haven’t had time to flatten that abs yet, then you can wear a loose fitting top like a fashionable button down shirt or a baby doll top. Being too shy to reveal those biceps? Then bat-winged top and tunics are solutions to that dilemma. 

Wearing a sexy top will surely boost your confidence and self-esteem. With a boost in these categories, your everyday mood will always be affected. And what better way to start and end the day than by having a great and happy mood? You will see how changes as you make heads turn towards you as you walk on your own runway. A sexy top will definitely say what kind of a lady or woman you are: confident, stunning and of course sexy!

Cheetah print: "A timeless classic"

Hey, I heard you were a wild one! Let your untamed playful side be discovered and dance the night away. We all know how animal printed clothes, specifically cheetah prints bring out an extra oomph of sexiness to women, right? Garments under this category are definitely the perfect addition to your party wardrobe. Try to observe how women who party in clubs these days wear almost the same outfits, there are even incidents when some of these girls wear the exact same clothes as the other – what a horrific incident. I could not even imagine for something so embarrassing like that happen to me. Times like this proves that being different is not so bad after all. You are born to stand out, so why try so hard to belong? Wear cheetah print clothes and be unlike any other!

Domenico Dolce’s take on animal prints: “It’s a timeless classic for us”. That being said, cheetah prints will never go out of style – so stay up to date and be more noticeable than ever. Wear the perfect cheetah whenever and wherever. Pop on your favorite accessories to match with your trendy, sultry and whimsical outfit. Domenico Dolce also said that animal prints “have become a color rather than a print”. Not only the founders of D&G are fascinated by the wonders an animal print offers, but also Hollywood celebrities. Dress to impress and make an impeccable first impression. You will never know who you will bump into, so always look your best regardless the event!

If you are unapologetically feminine, you can never go wrong with cheetah prints. Thing about this kind of print is that, it has an extra kick of femininity to its style. You can wear the most conservative piece of clothing and you can still manage to look irresistibly seductive. Men will surely notice you when you walk down the block in these pair of clothes. Be that sexy female cheetah you have always imagined yourself to be and make that coalition of male cheetahs run after you.

Cheetah prints are the epitome of a day to night outfit and they could also be worn whatever the season is. But is still a little bit complex  than you think it is and it does not necessarily mean it is compatible to match up with just about anything. You see, in fashion, we do not just match prints with prints. You must painstakingly choose what kind of print will not be a sore to the eyes – and it must be the subtlest print you could ever find, or none at all. The same goes with color blocking. A word of advice though, animal prints go best with neutral colors.

On the contrary, though, who am I to tell you what you should and should not match it with? In then end, you still are your own Barbie doll in your own Barbie world. You can do anything you want. You have a different perception of what does and does not look good. So, fire away! Your imagination is the limit.

Animal Print

Easy Access to Fierceness with Animal Print Dresses Online

The most popular animal print in the fashion industry is the resemblance of the Leopard and Snake. Other
animals like Cheetah, Tiger, Zebra and Giraffe and another reptilian, the crocodiles, have also been seen in many animal print items. Animal prints are some of the oldest fashion statements of our time. Wearing animal print clothing signifies wealth and power during the olden times as Kings and other people of high social status would wear it. Fashion history states that this has become popular for women in the 60’s.

The fashion industry got inclined to integrating the fashion world with animal prints.  You can see animal prints to almost all possible fashion pieces available: from timepieces, bags, shoes, accessories and most commonly among clothing pieces. You will never miss out on animal print tops, skirts, jeans and most especially animal print dresses. Animal print dresses have been popular not only for the common fashion forward women but also amongst Hollywood celebrities. The diva Jlo and the supermodel Kate Moss are just some of the fashion icons that have strutted their way with animal print fashion. Therefore, due to this popularity with famous icons, the demand for these ferocious animal print dresses has increased. Luckily, it has become readily available for all teenagers, busy working women, party animals and even for busy housewives through online shops like DHstyles. The development of technology has undoubtedly contributed ease to our lives. Online shops are one of the popular emerges of the World Wide Web technology. Women can now be updated and gain access with the latest fashion trends. With just one click, a wide selection of animal print dresses online appears at your very screen. 

Each woman deserves to feel confident and fierce like the magnificent feline creatures. Every woman also deserves to slither and exude in sexiness or sex appeal like a stunning reptile. The possibilities with Animal print fashion are almost limitless and it is ageless. Every woman can wear it. For a casual outfit, you can add a hint of fierceness with accessories. You may opt to accessorize with animal print bangles, animal print shoes or even an animal print pouch for just a hint of fierceness to your outfit. Exude power and sex appeal by wearing a sexy animal print dress to whatever you’re planning to wear it to. You can choose to wear an animal print dress or animal print top to a party or to a romantic dinner date with your boyfriend or husband. Office attire has also been invaded with animal print pieces and you can maintain professionalism with style as you wear it to the office. Choose to wear an animal print pencil cut skirt or animal print blazer to the office to bring along your fashion sense with you without sacrificing your professional look.

Invest in any fierce animal print clothes or accessories to make your wardrobe finally complete. You wouldn’t want to end up the only woman in the world without a single animal print item. Investing in these is never a waste of money, this trend may come and go but it is here to stay in the fashion world. Choose to experiment with your fashion taste and see which animal print you’re into.