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Friday, November 15, 2013

Layering Trend with Comfy Cardigans

Cardigan is another must-have for every woman of style and comfort. Cardigans will give an extra style and extra comfort to every woman. Cardigans can give comfort in the aspect of giving an extra bit of warmth for the cold season, protection from the sun's rays but light and cool enough for the summer season. For winter season, a cardigan will not be enough, but one can still wear a cardigan over a chosen top or dress, and adding more jacket or coat and scarf if the weather really calls for it, for the right warmth throughout day and night. Any woman should have even at least one cardigan in their closet. It is a reliable piece of clothing for one can pull off different looks with a cardigan. 

First of all, a cardigan looks great for a layering effect. Simply wear it over a top or dress, mix and match it with colors and prints, and you have a perfect layering look. Aside from the layering look one can pull off with a cardigan, it can actually serve as a concealment as well. A cardigan can conceal the shoulders, arms or back which one is a bit too shy to show off. Some might think they have manly shoulders, a cardigan can conceal it and a cardigan with a dainty accent can definitely give a feminine look. Some may think that they have big or fat arms or biceps in particular, then a dark colored cardigan is great for concealment and the dark color of the cardigan will create a thin illusion. And a cardigan will simply give coverage for the back area. Aside from the layering trend one can achieve with a cardigan, 

A kind of cardigan style is a hooded cardigan like this plum long sleeved knit hooded cardigan. It gives extra protection for the head and a full coverage of the upper body. This kind of cardigan is absolutely perfect for the fall season, giving an extra warmth and while being entirely comfortable to wear because of its soft and smooth knit fabric. It has an added purpose by the extra side pockets to hold a few light basic necessities. A plain cardigan such as this is perfect for a color blocking effect with other colors, and also perfect to pair with printed clothing pieces.

Check out DHstyles for a few more cardigans that are totally stylish and comfortable to wear throughout the entire year. Get a piece of cardigan that is versatile enough for your taste.