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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eye-catching Coral Print Cocktail Dresses

Some women consider diamonds as their best friends. Fortunate women consider food as their best friend, for whatever they eat, they never seem to gain weight - totally worth being envied. But for fashion enthusiasts, dresses are a girl's ultimate best friend. Any dress that fits a woman's body shape, skin tone, that will also meet her own taste in fashion, will always make a woman happy and confident. This is because dresses can always make a woman look feminine or dainty, beautiful and attractive.  

Cocktail dresses for instance are one type of dresses that has many functions. As the name implies, it can be perfect for cocktail parties; however, cocktail dresses can also be worn casually during any casual day outside. It all depends on the style, the color or print of the cocktail dress. Women should consider wearing coral colored cocktail dresses, may it be plain or printed.

What is the color coral anyway? According to Wikipedia, the different tones of the color coral are representations of the marine species Cnidarians, or also called corals. But in fashion, the color coral ranges from in between the colors orange and red. It can be from the shade of pink to soft terra cotta. Coral can also be termed as salmon, peach, or the colors of the fruits apricot or melon. Coral is really a flattering color to almost any skin tone. It's a pretty nice color to brighten up a look, make the wearer look totally vibrant. As we already know, colors can radiate a certain mood as well. So a vibrant color like coral definitely exudes happiness or cheerfulness. It does not only make the wearer feel happy because of the color but also because of the color's attractiveness as it makes other people heads turn. And through that, it can also emanate a sense of cheerfulness to the one looking at the color. Coral is one of the colors very pleasing to the eyes, not too harsh or dull to look at, unlike the effects of some other colors. The color coral is even so feminine, dainty and eye-catching, perfect characteristics for a cocktail dress. 

A coral print cocktail dress sure is attractive enough because of its color, regardless of the print. Coral in fashion has been the color trend for the spring and summer seasons. But there's no hard in wearing coral during fall and winter. In fact, coral being a vibrant color is a great way to boost a gloomy mood. Because of the limitless variety of cocktail dresses, a coral print cocktail dress suitable for the gloomy and cold season of fall will be available. One can choose a long sleeved coral print cocktail dress for warmth and style. Although a sleeveless or tube style cocktail dress must never hinder any woman into wearing it during fall and winter as one can easily put on a coat over it - through this, one is adding more style and sophistication to the look.

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Coral Print Cocktail Dresses