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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Crop Tops even for Fall!

Crop tops are indeed sexy and daring to wear - allowing one to bare some skin when crop tops are worn. Unfortunately, crop tops alone are not for everyone. When wearing crop tops, one must actually give justice to its specific skin baring style; therefore a flat and flawless tummy is the best asset to show off when wearing these skin baring crop tops. It won't be pleasant to look at if crop top is worn with a bulging fat or skin.  This being said, crop style is also a motivational piece as well.  But no worries, you can always layer them with any sweater of your choice for that cute crop look without bearing too much skin.

Crop tops have been around even during the 90's and just like any other fashion trends, it just keeps coming back. Crop top has made it's way up to the trend ladder, being a fresh, comfortable and sexy top to be worn during the spring and summer season. The crop top's unique hanging style makes it seem only wearable during the hot and sunny days of spring or summer. You might be surprised that crop tops are not only for the sunny days or spring and summer; crop tops are also great for fall. Yes, you read that right - fall. Have some inspirations from these Hollywood celebrities.
With the new designs of crop tops, there are those which can be actually worn during the cold season of fall. Examples of crop tops for fall is a long sleeved crop top like what Selena Gomez is wearing. You can wear it like how Selena rocked it, looking like a rock star chic. You can be edgy with a long sleeved crop top as you pair it with a denim jeans, leather pants, jeggings or even leggings. You can also wear a crop top during fall by achieving a sweet and feminine look. A crop top sweater is another type of crop top that is perfect for fall, llike what Miley Cyrus is wearing. It looks cute and surely gives a warmth that you desire. Miley also went for a dainty and feminine look by pairing her crop top sweater with a midi skirt. You too can achieve a feminine look with a crop top by paring it with a skirt. 

However, if baring a hint of tummy skin is just a bit too cold for you specially during fall, you can always use a crop top for layering. Check out how Cara Delevingne wore her cropped sweatshirt. You can also wear a crop top over a basic top which will cover your tummy area. Or you can just wear a jacket or blazer over a crop top if you're still into baring some skin like how Rose Mcgowan did. Layering is a great solution to wearing a crop top, protecting your skin from the cold breeze of fall. 

Free yourself from the traditional fashion and dress up extraordinarily through a certain season - like donning a crop top in fall!