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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unbelievably Gorgeous Sequin Embellished Clothing

After some fringe embellished clothing, let’s move on to something more sparkly embellishments. Sequins are what I have in mind.  I’m sure we are all familiar with this type of embellishment. But I think most of us think that sequins embellishments are just for night time. While it is true that sequins look good at night, especially during parties or just during those simple dinner dates, why don’t we start upgrading our sense in fashion and deviate from the norm? By doing that, let’s wear sequins during daytime! Before you come up with any violent reactions, why not take a deep breath and continue reading on… 

We all know sequins are great during night time – but that is so common! Everybody wears sequined tops or dresses at night. It’s also great to wear during sun down because of the daring and elegant effect. Perhaps only a few of you thought that sequin embellished clothing and accessories are also great during the day. There are multiply ways to wear sequins during the day, and I’m here to shed some light on that.

If we are to wear sequin embellished clothing, it is great to wear it during the summer season. Sequins are not just for formal occasions. Sequined clothing can also be worn casually. How? Grab a casual tank top embellished with sequins, may it be just a few embellishments or the entire tank top full of it. The cut makes it look casual to wear even if it’s studded with sequins. The casual look is not only limited to a tank top but also other tops that are casual in cut and design. You can pair it with shorts or denim to counter the elegant nature of sequins.

However, sequins during daytime are not only limited during summer but also great for the season of fall. You can wear a sequined pullover or sequined blazer on top of your outfit for the perfect warmth while staying in style. You can also be stylish and dainty by wearing a sequined skirt may it be during summer or fall. But of course for the cold season, you can wear a pair of leggings under it to protect your legs from the cold weather. For sequined dresses that are commonly used for parties and clubbing, know that sequined dresses are now trendy even for the corporate world. This is how innovative fashion can be.

If you’re still too timid to try our sequins during the day, why not start by going for sequined accessories. May it be a cute sequined clutch to carry all your essentials or a sequined pair of shoes that never sacrifices comfort with style, you can surely get to feel what it’s like to change things up a bit. You can also try a few sequined details on a piece of clothing for a better grasp on wearing sequins during daytime.  

Undeniably, sequin embellished clothing are pretty for night time, but unbelievable gorgeous even at daytime! Who would have thought that sequined clothing is also great for any daytime look!

Sequin Embellished Clothing