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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ultimate Must-Haves for Fall/Winter: Jackets and Coats

Last fall, you have been looking for the right jacket or coat to give you warmth without sacrificing your style. But somehow, something feels totally incomplete. Have you felt that you have been a bit low on the fashion side during the fall and winter seasons? Are your winter clothes not giving you enough warmth and never giving the fashion statement you deserve? Maybe you chose the wrong jacket or coat to be your fall and winter companion. It’s about time to get a trendy winter outfit. As I have previously mentioned in my old blog posts, the cold season is not about slacking in trend and fashion. In fact, it is the time to be even more stylish because of the layering you could possibly do during this cold season. To help you choose which type of jacket and coats is right for you, I’ll share with you a few styles to choose from.

Trench coats are one of the winter necessities that never go out of style. As the years go by and as the fashion industry progresses, so are the trench coats. Trench coat designers see to it that it is reinvented with a few touches to match every style and be trendy during the year. You will see a variation if fabric used, fabric design, embellishments and reinvention in colors used. The basic cut and design of trench coats make it easy to wear, easy to pair it with and fashionable all through out the season. Trench coats undoubtedly give that chic and sophisticated look whenever you wear it. Either you wear it over a dress or over a basic top and jeans. Whatever outfit you want to wear, trench coats will always be a perfect fit. Trench coats are indeed functional and stylish must-haves for fall and winter.

Jackets have a wide variety of styles. Motorcycle jackets are just one of the favorite variations of jackets. You will be surprised how wearable motorcycle jackets can be. You can also wear it over a dress or a basic top and jeans. It’s amazing how it looks good even over a dainty dress. It gives that certain balance between femininity and casualty. Motorcycle jackets no doubt give an edgier and fun look. It is a stylish and hip form of jacket without sacrificing the comfort and warmth.

Over-sized winter clothes are also trendy for this year’s fall and winter seasons. The loose fit may not seem stylish but we thought wrong. It is amazing how good over-sized coats or jackets look like. Even an over-sized poncho is still really stylish. An over-sized piece is surely a comfortable piece. You can pull it off by balancing it with a tight fitting bottom, play with prints or wear it as your dress and put a belt over it.

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