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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Never-Ending Trend: Striped Styles

Stripes are one of the most common prints that never go out of style. Can you even think of a time that it wasn’t trendy? I myself couldn’t think of a time that it isn’t trendy. It is always trendy. But there are just times that it is highlighted in the fashion industry. For instance, it has been the focus of the fashion runway for designer clothes for the spring season of this year. Regardless of the runway’s focus on prints, stripes will always be trendy all year long.

Some of you might think that stripes are not made for all body types. Good news for all because stripes is a very versatile piece for all body types. Think of how Kim Kardashian would rock striped styles; not only Kim Kardashian but also other famous Hollywood celebrities. There are just a few ways to wear stripes in order to flatter your figure and not make it look bad. Stripes come in different sizes, thick and thin ones. It also comes in a wide variety of color combinations; from the neutral black and white to the rainbow colored stripes. The general rule here is, if you want to emphasize a body part, go for thicker stripes. Opt for thin stripes if you want the other way around. Horizontal stripes will create the illusion of wider areas, and vertical stripes will create a tall and slimmer look. With regards to colors, dark colored stripes will create a smaller illusion compared to bright colorful ones. But this does not necessarily limit one color or thickness for one specific body type. Making it work on your specific body type is about wearing the right thickness in certain colors.

For example, pear shaped women which have wider hips than the shoulders should wear thick horizontal stripes on the upper body to balance things out. Or you can choose to wear vertical striped clothing for the bottom part to create smaller hips. On the other hand, apple shaped women who are a bit heavy on the midsection should wear vertical and thin stripes to create a slimmer and elongated midsection.  For women who wants to look taller, like petite women, vertical stripes should also be worn for a longer body illusion, hence a taller look.  

Take a look at how Kim Kardashian wears stripes. In the picture above, she’s wearing a red and white striped top. She may be quite heavy on the chest area but she balances out her upper torso by wearing thin stripes. On the second picture, she’s wearing thick stripes. Even though thick stripes have a fuller illusion, adding to her fuller chest area, she wore a dark colored striped top to counter that effect.

Another fun thing about wearing stripes is its flexibility with other prints. Being a common print, it can somewhat adapt to just about any print. You can have fun mixing prints with stripes like polka dots or florals. Aztec and baroque are also in line with compatible prints. It is really how you wear this striped print clothing that will make it good to look at. If your closet is still missing the stripe trend then it’s time to start adding a few.