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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Modern Velvet Velour Suede Clothing

Previously, we talked about the trend in prints this fall and winter. If you missed it, it was about the plaid and houndstooth prints which dominated the runway. These are not the only trends for this year’s fall/winter season. There are actually a lot of trends for this year’s current season and Velvet wouldn’t miss it for anything. Velvet has also made a number of appearances in the fashion runway for the year 2013’s fall and winter collection. Famous designers such as Valentino, Tom Ford, and a lot more do not seem to miss any chance in making a collection that will definitely make It to the season’s trends list.

In my personal opinion, velvet is a great fabric of choice for the cold season of fall and winter because velvet is a thick and warm fabric. It may be smooth but it has a dense pile making it really warm to wear. Clothing designers has designed a lot of velvet made apparel that you will really fall in love with. To come up with ideas on how to dress in this velvet trend, let’s take a look at how Hollywood celebrities would wear it. We see that Hollywood celebrities wear the velvet trend in so many ways. They wear it as formal attire in elegant gowns, or they wear it in a casual or semi-formal look in mini dresses. Even men are into this trend, by wearing some velvet made suits. There are a number of ways to wear them and I’ll share with you the trick on how to do justice in wearing a velvet clothing piece.

The fact is, velvet can somehow exude an outdated or vintage look. But the trick to wearing velvet and being trendy and stylish is to wear vivid or vibrant velvet made clothing. But whichever color you’re into is fine because there’s another trick to not look like your fashion sense remained during the early 19 or 20th century. Another trick to looking stylish in velvet these days is to combine these velvet apparels with a modern styled clothing piece. For example, you chose to wear a velvet skater skirt in a vivid metallic color; you can layer it with tights then pair this with a trendy pullover. It’s modern; it’s trendy, with a touch of velvet. To dress up in a vibrant velvet clothing piece, you can choose a blue velvet bodycon dress like this to show off your curves during fall, while getting into the velvet trend, without looking outdated. It’s fresh and very stylish.

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