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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sexy Tops all year long

The wide variety of clothing is extremely nerve-racking and can sometimes be utterly confusing. The wide variety is what causing women like us who always want to look good and be expressive through fashion, to experience the everyday dilemma of what to wear. This is true for all fashion forward women. What makes this dilemma even worse is the wide selection available per type of clothing; from numerous designs of dresses, from different lengths of skirts and countless colors of blouses. But of course, these varieties are not limited to that alone.  Aside from the varying designs, lengths and colors there are also varying cuts, fabrics, prints and even more. For today, we are focusing on the sexy tops available in the market of fashion industry. 
This year, we have seen a lot of trends for all the seasons all through out the year. We have seen peplum styles, metallics, sheers, lace, button-downs, assorted prints and so much more. But what makes a top sexy? Is the style the reason for its sexiness? Is it the fitting and the fabric used helpful in making a top look sexy? Or do the colors and prints have something to do with how sexy it can be? For me, while these fashionable sexy tops can help us look sexy, it never stops there. Being sexy is not only about what you wear, it’s not even about who wears that specific sexy top but it is always about how we carry ourselves and how we wear the clothes we chose to put on.  Clothes should never make who we are, for it should be the other way around. We should make the clothes appear who we are exactly. We wear clothes not just to look great, and not just to stay trendy, but be comfortable with ourselves by showing our personalities. I say we make the tops look and appear sexy on ourselves. Whatever the style, the fabric or color it may be, it will look sexy depending on how we wear it and how confident we can be.

Sexy top can come as a sexy corset top, a tube top, a top with cutouts and o much more. But Sexy tops are not just about revealing cuts like plunging necklines or tops with daring cut-outs; yes they are sexy but other tops can be sexy too. Even when you are covered up, like with a button-down shirt for example, one can still look absolutely sexy and chic with it. Just wear one that fits perfectly on you; you wouldn’t want a top that is too lousy to look at because of how loose it is on you. Take a look at how celebrities carry their button-down shirts but still look sexy. A top that shows a hint of skin can be sexy too. It is subtly daring, without looking to unpleasant or worse, trashy. Always be careful when wearing daring sexy tops to achieve class as you wear one.

The trick to wearing sexy tops is to know the mood or the occasion ahead of time. It’ not good to be underdressed or worse, overdressed on a certain occasion. However sexy your outfit may be, if you are not dressed appropriately, then it won’t look sexy at all.