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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Playful Fringe Trimmed Styles

Fringe is part of fashion that is somewhat ignored. It may exist in the fashion industry but it has not been in the limelight for quite some time now. It is a rarely featured trend in fashion, it is seldom noticed. Fringe has also a history in fashion. It has been used by the early civilization of Mesopotamia as a popular adornment of clothing pieces for men and women. It is actually an adornment worn by any class of people. The proof of the fringe history was seen in sculptures, statues and old civilization writings. The skirt and the shawl were the two most common items adorned with fringe during those times.

During its history and during our time today, fringe has been designed in different ways. It is made of different materials, made into different colors and designed in different ways. You may not notice but fringe are actually fun decorations to a fashionable clothing piece. It silently tries to beautify a clothing piece, a piece jewelry, a bag and even a pair of shoes. You may not notice but even up to this year, fringe has been part of all of these fashionable items. Take a look at these pictures. Doesn't it make you drop your jaw by how attractive these fringed items are? They don’t look out of style at all. Every single one of them are attractive, stylish and fun!

During my previous blog post about rock star style, fringe is one way to come up with a rock star style. You might only be used to fringe as a cowboy or cow girl look but actually since fringe can be used to decorate any kind of fashion piece, it can be used to achieve any kind of look.   Rock star style is just one of them. Aside from donning a rock star look, learn to experiment and try other fringe embellished pieces to make your ensemble look fun and exciting. Tassels are closely related to fringe. You will notice the resemblance between the two. Tassels are also used as adornment to many pieces, just like fringe. Both of them certainly give excitement and adds a boost of attractiveness to a clothing piece and accessories.

Make the main purpose of fringe and tassel become worthwhile. Buy a top trimmed with fringe, a skirt adorned with fringe, or a bag with pretty tassels. Head on to DHstyles to find a fringe style you might like.