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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plaid and Houndstooth Prints Dominate the Runway

It’s time to bring out those coats, jackets and scarves, booths, leg warmers and some gloves, because the cold season is finally here! Despite the cold weather, we can be fashionable with the winter clothes we wear. Fashion designers have foreseen this weather and have already come up with fashion statements earlier this year. Plaid and Houndstooth prints dominated Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall/Winter Collection for 2013.

Tommy Hilfiger’s collections were full of plaid and houndstooth prints on various colors and styles. You will see in these pictures a few pieces that were part of the wide collection. A chic winter coat or a sophisticated dress; may it be houndstooth or plaid, both look gorgeous! Hollywood celebrities are also into these prints trend. These printed fabrics are absolutely great ideas to spice up the cold season.

While these prints dominate the runway and the red carpet, there are quite a number of ways it can dominate your personal runway too. It is never limited to the fall and winter seasons. These prints can be worn all year long for these are timeless and classic prints. It has been widely used throughout history and has stayed to dominate the fashion industry from time to time. Let’s start with the most common for all of us, the plaid print. Plaid comes in many styles as well; for instance, you can choose a button down polo shirt in plaid print and wear it in so many different ways. Of course you can wear it as a top, and pair with denim jeans or shorts for a casual look. Or, you can pair it with a pretty skirt to make the plaid look extra feminine. Another way to wear it is to tie it around your waist for an edgy look. It’s such a 90’s trend but it has certainly come back. Next is to wear it as a layering, over a dainty dress or just a casual dress. It’s a great way to contrast semi-manly-looking print with feminine piece.
Houndstooth print on the other hand can be a diversion to plaid. It’s probably more rarely used than the plaid print. I say it’s about time to add a new print to your wardrobe. You can also wear houndstooth in so many ways. A houndstooth skirt for example is great for casual and office wear. Both prints are a very versatile print, that’s why they deserve to be called timeless prints. Imagine, this is just one type of plaid and houndstooth printed clothing, what more of the wide variety of styles available, the possibilities are truly endless!