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Friday, October 11, 2013

Live in the Past with Retro Vintage Style Clothes

During our time, fashion always calls for futuristic looks, in futuristic clothing with futuristic prints and designs. However, there are times that it is kind of getting too tiring and really boring at times too.  Therefore, it is really nice to get nostalgic and go vintage with our fashion styles... Retro is another term for the fashion during the previous years. It can be from the roaring 20’s era or even the 80’s. But first, we have to learn about the fashion statements and trends during that certain era in order to know exactly what to wear. Let’s have a bit of brainstorming on what fashion during certain era’s are about. Let’s go through with the twenties, fifties and the eighties era shall we?

During the 20’s or more famously known as the roaring 20’s and the flapper era, it is the era of change, even in fashion. Their fashion style was all about comfort and femininity without the curves. It was actually the time when the tight-fitting corsets ended. Women or specifically the flappers opted for loose-fitting and shorter dresses which still captures elegance and style.  Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the fashion during that era. To better appreciate the fashion of that era, think of the movie The Great Gatsby or this picture of modern clothing inspired by the roaring 20's fashion. 

During the 80’s however, is a very different thing when it comes to fashion. It is the era where a lot of styles where trendy. Think leg warmers, acid washed jeans and some shoulder pads. Not to mention members only jackets, oversized tops, mini skirts, and stretch stirrup pants. It is entirely different from the roaring twenties. It is a new era in fashion indeed. The leg warmers were not only for aerobics that time but an actual fashion statement. It is usually paired with mini skirts. Off shoulder tunics were also a fad during that era. Everything during that era was colorful. Colors mixed together, vibrant and fun. These are just a few things about the fashion in the eighties. To sum it all up, think of Madonna who is one of the fashion icons during the 80’s.

Whatever era you have in mind to go with, it is always best to learn more about their fashion to capture the true retro or vintage essence. May it be the circle skirts and the varsity jackets era, the bold and vibrant printed fabric era, or the era of the swirl dresses, whatever it may be, you will surely find one today, because fashion just comes and goes. DHstyles amazingly has some vintage or retro clothing styles to offer. Check it out and you might find the style you have in mind.