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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Time for some Trendy Sweaters

I am glad that the cold season of fall/winter has arrived because I get to bring out those sweaters and get the chance to wear them again. Some sweaters can be really timeless in style, however, it’s never a bad thing to buy a sweater once in a while to update the style of sweaters you currently have. I can be very redundant already but let me just say it again, that fashion never stops in making innovations with the current and past designs. This is also true for fall and winter must-haves. You will be impressed at how sweaters has adapted to the emerging world of fashion. It too has experienced both minor and major modifications in style to satisfy the growing fashion needs of women. Modern women have undoubtedly learned how to stay trendy and stylish even during the cold season.

But before anything else, do not throw away your old sweater just yet. A simple and plain sweater can still be very useful and fashionable if you know how to wear it right. A plain sweater in a basic cut can be a simple emergency fashion piece for the season. Do not worry about looking boring because a basic piece is never boring. You can pair it with a printed bottom like a printed skirt or a printed pair of trousers to give your look more fun and excitement. Even if you just simply wear it plain, a basic sweater will still look chic and classy. That’s what a timeless design is worth for. Check out how the famous and talented Angelina Jolie rocked a basic cut sweater. She dons an all black ensemble but she never made it look boring. It is simple yet very chic. If you want to make a basic sweater look more dainty, simple yet oozing with femininity, then you can pair it with a flowy and dainty skirt just like how Jessica Alba did. It is simple yet very eye catching. If other Hollywood celebrities like Angelina and Jessica can rock a plain basic cut sweater, I believe that we can too.

After you have stuck to your basic cut sweater, perhaps you can now dwell in new varieties of sweater to add to your sweater’s growing collection. Sweater now comes in various designs like sweater dresses and sweater vests. With these sweater styles, you can achieve different looks and allows you to combine different trends into one ensemble. Layering is the ultimate key to these new trendy sweater styles. Sweater vests give an added spice to any outfit you decide to wear. You can wear it over a dress or over a top and bottom of your choice. Sweater dresses on the other hand, still allows a layering possibility to achieve a more exciting and trendy look. You can choose to wear a pair of leggings under it plus a scarf around your neck for added warmth and style. While wearing it as is even during a not-so-hot summer day. Check out how these Hollywood celebrities rocked the sweater dresses and let these pictures speak for it’s self.