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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fuller Looks in Ruffled Tops and Dresses

When was the last time you tried buying a ruffled top or dress and actually wearing them? You might think that ruffles are so fashion out-dated and won’t do you any good. That is actually a false idea. Ruffles are not outdated. We all know how fashion trends are; they really come and go, but will eventually make a comeback every now and then. Ruffles do the same thing; they have a history during the olden times, came back in the 80's and have been trendy during the spring of this year. Ruffles have extended its trendiness even up to fall because of its unique style.

Ruffles are very feminine accents to a clothing piece. However feminine it can be, care should be taken into consideration when using ruffed tops and dresses because of its effect. Ruffles can actually give a fuller effect to a certain part of the body. It also draws attention, so wherever it is worn, it will definitely draw focus on that area. So if you want areas to look fuller and enhanced or if you want to emphasize some areas, then you should wear ruffles on those specific areas. Let me give you some ideas on how to wear ruffled tops and dresses.

For women who want to have a fuller and enhanced looking bust, ruffles is one solution. You can wear a ruffled top or dress where ruffles are at the chest are and in horizontal orientation. This will definitely create a fuller illusion to your bust and can actually grab some attention. Women who are already endowed with fuller busts can also wear ruffled top or dress without making it look any fuller than it already is. A vertically lined ruffled top or dress is best for these women. Horizontal ruffles will only make them look disproportioned or top heavy. If you want to draw attention away from your upper torso, you can choose a ruffled bottom piece like a skirt or dress with ruffles at the bottom area. Not only will it draw attention away from the upper torso, it will also emphasize and make your hip area look fuller. But if you already have broad hips and still want to wear ruffled skirt, you can choose a skirt with ruffles not on the hip area but on the hem of a long skirt for example.

Ruffles being an eye catching accent and a loud design, you have to remember to pair it with simple and structured pieces so the ruffles will not overwhelm your entire body or look. This is because of the overwhelming effect of ruffles. You can pair a ruffled top with a simple pencil cut skirt or a pair of pants and the other way around for a ruffled skirt. Choose simple shoes and limit your accessories too. But if you are still a bit hesitant to use ruffles, you can try out small ruffle detail first.

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