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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Benefit of Belted Styles

We all know that accessories are integral in the fashion world. Without these accessories, your look or ensemble can look dull and boring. Without these accessories, it can make you look and sometimes make you feel incomplete. Accessories being an integral part of an ensemble can give a lot of benefits to the wearer. Earrings and necklace can add sparkle to your face, arm candies can add a bit of excitement to your look, and belts have a flattering effect on your figure.

There are different types of belts, varying in color, size, material and design. And all these types of belts have different effects to your body and to your entire look. Belts can spice up your outfit, break the monotony of your plain dress or even highlight your best assets. Belts which are worn just below the belt can be a very feminine and vintage look. This way of wearing a belt can give an empire cut look. Belts worn below the bust can actually enhance your bust. Belts usually worn this way are thin belts. Thin belts can be worn this way with a short dress or even a long one. Belts worn around the hip area are called hip slingers. Wearing belts around the hips can actually emphasize your hips. This is a perfect way to wear belts for those who want hips to be the center of attention. Belts can be worn this way with a low rise pair of jeans or even with a shapeless dress, further accentuating your hips. Belts worn directly on the waist can definitely have a cinching effect on the waist. Through this, you can attain a very sexy look where your curves are more enhanced and emphasized. You can flaunt your tiny waist and curvy hips with a belt on the waist. You can wear a belt on the waist area with a plain and simple dress, or even with a shapeless dress making your waist the highlight of your look. The size or the width of the belt will also depend on your body type. Short women should get the right width so as to not be overpowered by the belt. Tall women can go for wide belts as this will be proportion to the body as they need larger details. Generally speaking, a belt with a width size of about 1 to 2 inches can work with most body types. Now that you know what belts can do, I’m sure you’re dying to find the perfect belt for you.

Luckily, DHstyles can make your fashion hunt for belts even easier! DHstyles have Belted Styles category which offer tops and dresses that already comes with a belt! Think about your money’s worth and of course, the less effort you’re putting into the search for the right belt. With belted styles, you won’t need to worry about looking for the right belt for your chosen outfit for these styles already comes a perfectly matching belt with it. Belted styles can definitely add the spicing up your outfit deserves. I believe that with a complete ensemble, you are giving not only your look a boost but also a boost to your confidence. Looking fabulous has never been this easy.