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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shine like a Diamond in Bejeweled Clothing

Before the game Candy Crush was even developed and before people starting to get addicted to it, the game Bejeweled was first in line. Bejeweled is a game where you match different kinds of jewels by 3’s or as many as you can to clear the level.  The game objective is much similar to Candy Crush although you use gems or jewels instead of candies. If you are not familiar with the game Bejeweled, it is not a problem because it is not even related to our topic. Our topic isn’t about games but about fashion. I just thought it would be a nice intro because games like that can be very addicting, and our topic is about Bejeweled Clothing.

Clothing pieces can be very addicting to people who are in love with fashion like how games can be so addicting to techy people. What more if the clothing pieces are Bejeweled too. The fashion industry has indeed come up with a lot of ways to pump up a clothing piece; from varying cuts, styles, colors, prints, and even jewels. Bejeweling a dress or a top is usually by the use of rhinestones, pearls or sometimes even metal pieces. Accessorizing the clothing piece itself has a lot of benefits for the clothes and the wearer.  

Asimple dress or top can be made to look more exciting than it should be. Rhinestones and pearls make a dress or a top and the wearer look so elegant, classy and sophisticated. Wearing bejeweled clothing can make you sparkle and surely be the center of attraction to a party or to an event held by your our office company. These kinds of bejeweled clothing like rhinestone embellished dresses can be perfect for an extravagant occasion. Although there are also casual dresses and tops that are bejeweled, so make your fashion sense work in choosing the right outfit to wear. Metal embellished accessories on clothes also have a casual effect on the clothes and the wearer compared to rhinestones and pearls. Although the type of clothes will still depend on what you can wear it to. An example would be metallic studded rock-star inspired dresses, blouses and jeans.

Bejeweled clothing can also give you the less need to accessorize because of its detailed embellishments. The embellishments give the same spicing up effect the accessories would do. Sometimes, you may look like you are already wearing accessories, but it is only attached to the clothing itself. When wearing bejeweled clothing, you can wear just a few accessories like a pair of earrings and a ring, and you’re good to go. It is even more useful for those clothing emergency situations where a simple embellished dress can be of use for a certain number of occasions.

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