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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Romantic Glamour through Lace Styles

We all know that fashion trends usually come and go. Some trends are here to stay, leaving the lime light for quite some time and finds its way back to the spotlight. Some trends enjoy the spotlight but only for a short time, and unfortunate enough to never make a comeback.

If I may quote what Tom Ford said "The idea of lace only for evening is so antiquated. Why only look beautiful at night?" I believe in his idea of not limiting the use of lace for evening wear alone. Why limit yourself with a way of looking fabulous at any time of the day? Fashion is about going beyond the norm to look and feel good. Fashion is about experimenting and having fun. Tom Ford’s statement proves lace has been in the fashion industry for quite some time. Lace is undoubtedly a timeless piece, it is here to stay in the fashion world; it does has its times in the limelight and sometimes it can be dormant but still continue to make the dress and the wearer look lovely in its own silent ways.

Lace nowadays has been seen in almost all fashion pieces: you will see laces dresses, lace tops, lace skirts, lace accentuated jewelry, shoes and bags and so much more. There are so many to choose from you’ll never run out of choices. You can pick any lace item that will match your mood and taste. As dressing up is about revealing your personality, lace pieces can help you reveal even more. Dressing in lace clothing and wearing lace accented accessories can help you look extraordinary: it will make you look more sophisticated, classy, and elegant. You can add an extra vintage glamour to your day or night ensemble with lace styles. Laces are also very feminine pieces therefore a touch of femininity can be achieved when wearing any lace styled clothing or accessories. This style’s glamour and femininity can be so romantic to look at, making it even more suitable for romantic dinner dates.

The trick to carrying a lace styled outfit is to know your own personality and choosing the right style based on your personality. If you are the type who wish to get the right amount of coverage while baring a hint of skin without sacrificing your style, there are lace sleeved tops and dresses to serve your purpose. To those uncertain to try lace styles all out, there are items which use lace as accents only, this will allow you to try and test how lace will work out for you. Due to the limitless options of lace styles to choose from, you don’t have to worry so much about whether the style can be suitable for that one occasion. Lace styled clothing can be versatile pieces too, as it can be worn from day to night. With the right pairing of clothes and accessories, you will surely get that event appropriate look.

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