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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Roaring Twenties Fashion: 1920s Dresses

Have you seen the movie The Great Gatsby, starred by award winning actors Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire? If you did, you can see how intricate the detail in fashion was captured by the movie. It justified the Roaring Twenties theme of the movie, making the movie experience of movie fanatics more realistic than ever.  Roaring twenties is the term used in referring the 1920s that characterized the major cities like New York, Paris and London’s period of sustained economic success. In this era, there’s a dispersion of industrial growth like the wide use of automobiles, telephones, electricity and motion pictures. With the industrial growth, the demand increased and the culture and resulted to the significant change in the lifestyle and culture of the people.

Fashion during this era has also made a big mark in the fashion history. During the roaring twenties, fashion has made way to the desire for comfort. Women of the 1920s stopped wearing those very tight fitting corsets and long dresses, making women start to show arms and legs. The hair do changed as well, as women started to sport a short bob haircut. The fashion during this era has greatly evolved and sparked a number of disagreements among the elders. This change in fashion was started by the young rebellious middle aged women called the “flappers”.

If you are totally inspired of dressing up like Daisy in The Great Gatsby, then we have tips on how to look absolutely stunning in 1920s dresses. Let’s start at the top shall we? For the hair, as mentioned a while ago, the common hairstyle of that era was a short bob, straight or curly and with bangs. But if you don’t wish to cut your hair, that’s totally fine. What’s important is you use a sequined or plumed headband or comb to accessories your head with. For a perfect dress, you can choose from the ones DHstyles have in store for you. Since the dresses of the roaring twenties are all about comfort, the dress styles are loose fitting and sometimes flow with movement too. With DHstyles 1920s Dresses collection, you will see fringed dresses just how the 20s fashion are. They are simply cute because the dresses come with necklaces too. These dresses however have modern twists to it that would jive with the latest trend of our own time. These are figure flattering although not too tight, and the cut are also shorter than those from the exact 20s fashion. Don’t forget to accessorize by wearing sparkly rings and bracelets too. You can also choose to wear long gloves as an accessory to a sleeveless dress. Lastly for the shoes, choose the classic pump that matches your choice of dress, with heels not higher than inches.

Follow these tips to dress up and look gorgeous like the roaring twenties. Benefit from the comfort the style has to offer while looking very stunning. This look is great for a family get together, date with your girl friends or a romantic dinner date with your man, or to office 20’s themed parties. Look good and feel good in 1920s fashion.