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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Looking Hot in Halter Tops and Dresses

The Halter neck style in fashion is one of the sexiest and elegant styles of clothing. The uniquely slanting direction of the straps towards the back of the neck looks kind of fun and flirty. Usually, halter tops and dresses comes with two straps tied at the back of the neck, and some are just a piece of cloth forming the triangular shape of the halter neck. This style was popularly worn by Marilyn Monroe. Hollywood designers first came up with the halter neck style of dresses during the 1930s. Halter tops and dresses can be a bit tricky. Unfortunately, it can not look flattering on all kinds of body types. So how can you look hot in these sexy halter tops and dresses?

First and most important of all, know your body type. Do you have an inverted triangle body shape? Or perhaps you are blessed with an hourglass figure? What about a rectangular or a straight body type? Or maybe you have a pear shaped body? After knowing your body type, you should know if the halter neck style will look good on you. The halter style in tops and dresses will look great on most of these body shapes except for the pear shape. Pear shaped as you may know is the body shape with narrow shoulders, small bust and broad hips, much like the triangle shape too. So if pear shaped women would wear halter tops or dresses, the clothes will not be so flattering because it will only put emphasis on the triangular shape of the body even more. You would want to flatter your figure, and not make it worse. So it is not that recommended for this type of body. But if you still wish to wear a halter top or dress, it’s okay as long as you know how to accessorize to flatter your figure even more. Consider wearing a cropped blazer to enhance your narrow shoulders and balance out your curvy broad hips. For the rest of the body type, a halter styled clothing will look great on them. There are several styles of halter clothing that will help give emphasis and enhance those body shapes. For instance, a halter top or dress with a snug fit around the bust area will give emphasis on that. Women with an hourglass shape can wear a halter dress with skirt that will drape down to the hips, skimming the curves. Those with a rectangular or straight body type can wear ruffled, pleated or bubble skirted halter dress to create curves. 

Next, choose the right neckline appropriate to the occasion. Halter tops and dresses come in a wide variety of necklines, some give you a complete coverage on the chest area, some will let you bare discreetly, and others will allow you to bare it all. Lastly, choose a halter styled clothing that is of great quality and comfortable. Due to the different variety of halter styles, there may be some kinds which will not be comfortable for you to wear. Consider the straps and the halter design. Some straps may be too uncomfortable or painful for that matter and some may not be too comfortable around the armpit area. The best choice is the halter straps in the same fabric material as the dress.

When you are done choosing the right halter dress for you, do not forget to accessorize! Head on to DHstyles to feast on a wide selection of halter tops and dresses. Wear one and you’ll definitely look hot in it.