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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Look Exotic in Kimono Tops and Dresses

Kimonos are the traditional garments by the Japanese which literally means “thing to wear”. The Kimono is a straight robe with the original T-shaped design with a collar and very wide sleeves. These are worn by wrapping around the body and then secured by an Obi belt.

Today, there are a lot of oriental inspired clothing pieces, specifically inspired by these Kimonos. The oriental culture has invaded the western culture with regards to fashion. You will see a wide variety of Kimono inspired clothes like tops and dresses. Wearing Asian Kimono inspired clothing is one way to deviate from your usual style. It is a great way to experiment, have fun and dress out of the ordinary. If you are getting tired of the usual mini dresses or the average blouses, then you can try out the Asian inspired Kimono tops and dresses. It will give you a sense of being reborn into the fashion world. You will feel being reborn in the sense of trying out new things and trends with regards to fashion. Most Kimono tops and dresses are inspired by the original Kimono’s wide sleeves to a mini or long dress or to a blouse. But some Kimono inspired tops and dresses incorporated a few other features aside from the wide sleeves. Some integrated the V-neckline and the Obi belt as the belt itself or as simply waist bands that cinch the waist. Designers didn’t focus much on the original Kimono’s length, or the wrap detail around the body and the collar. Although you may still see some close resemblance but it is quite rare. Their main goal is to modernize the Kimono style and incorporate just a few features to the modern clothing styles. There are also designers who integrate the Kimono style by using the oriental inspired fabrics like the ones used in actual Kimonos. These oriental fabrics are then used for modern style clothing like different styles of gowns, dresses, tops and bottoms. However, we are not here to focus on that, but here to focus on Kimono tops and dresses.

When you get to try a Kimono top or a Kimono dress, you will definitely know how comfortable this style is. The sleeves are loose fitting, very cool or airy to wear and therefore comfortable. It gives your arms and also your body the freedom of movement. Wearing Kimono tops and dresses will also give you an exotic Asian look. Asians are considered to be an exotic look, with their attractive facial features. Good thing you can add in those exotic features in a way of wearing their traditional clothing in a modern kind of way. And by looking exotic, you are then capturing another essence of sexy. Exotic is sexy. Hollywood celebrities are even into this exotic oriental style. Go exotic and feel exotic with Kimono tops and dresses. Visit DHstyles for some sexy and exotic Kimono tops and dresses which are perfect for almost any occasion. Choose the one that will fit in with your fashion taste and you will definitely look sexy and exotic anywhere you go!