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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feel like a Goddess in One Shoulder Tops and Dresses

Most women choose certain parts of their body as their assets. The commonly chosen body parts are the bust, legs, hips and sometimes even the waist. Shoulders are actually seldom considered as assets by women.  However, shoulders are also great parts to reveal in dressing up for that sensual look you desire. Plus, shoulders are not too cliché. It is great to opt to revealing those shoulders if neither of the mentioned parts of the body are your assets.

There’s a specific clothing style that you can wear in showing off those sensual shoulders. Wear the trendy one-shoulder outfits for a sensual and stylish look. You can absolutely show off those well toned shoulders by wearing a one-shoulder top or dress.  The one-shoulder style has been popularized by the ancient Greeks. This is therefore a timeless style, for even up to this day, renowned designers have adapted to this style. The famous Donna Karan even made a statement as to why the one-shoulder style is a lasting trend: “The shoulder never gains weight, never has a wrinkle and doesn’t need Botox.”. She has then been seen often wearing one-shouldered clothing. Well, she’s not only seen wearing this style but has also designed a lot of fashionable clothing in the one-shoulder style worn by countless of Hollywood celebrities.

You too can dress up and feel like a goddess of the ancient Greece by wearing the one-shoulder clothing. Exude your beauty and reveal your sensual side by showing off the timeless beauty of your shoulders. Most of the Hollywood celebrities are donning this style of clothing with their red carpet gowns and event dresses. They definitely look like a goddess of beauty in wearing those stunning one shoulder gowns. Nicole Kidman and Diane Kruger both looked very elegant in their gowns to the Cannes Film Festival. They both chose to wear a one-shoulder style of gown although varying in the specific type on how the designers came up with the one-shoulder trend. While this style is so perfect for formal events and other elegant occasions, fashion possibilities are limitless therefore you can go for this style to semi formal occasions or even for just a casual regular day ahead. 

You can wear a one shoulder styled clothing for a casual look by wearing this style in a mini casual dress or a casual looking top. This style is then proven as a versatile trend for it can also be worn casually. You can wear it to the mall with friends or a lunch date with your boyfriend. And if you are planning to go to a semi formal event or an occasion that requires more than a casual look, a one-shoulder party dress or top will be perfect. This style shouts sensual sophistication as you wear it to an office party for example or to your romantic dinner date with the hubby.

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