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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Tops Perfect for the Cold Season

Winter is coming! It is about time for the “Bbbrrrr” season. Snow will soon start falling and the cold air breeze will run through your face. For some women, the fall and winter season might be the time to slack on staying fashionable and wearing fashionable outfits. Truly the cold weather makes one so lazy, and it gives that certain gloomy mood too. But this must not be the case for all women. Fall and winter season must never limit each woman to stay stylish and fashionable. Staying stylish will never allow your need to stay warm to be sacrificed during this cold season. I will share to you some handy tips on how to stay warm and look so fab at the same time.

First, you have to do some layering. Check your closet for some cashmere sweater and tops with materials that will actually make you feel warm. Turtle neck tops never fail to warm you up during the cold but still look stylish. Plus, protecting the neck is also an added benefit.

Second, accessorize. Protect your head from the cold by wearing a beanie or a hat that will cover the ears too like knitted beanies; use a scarf that will add color and style to your ensemble while protecting your neck from the cold like chunky scarves; and protect those precious hands by wearing gloves. Don’t forget to carry a bag for your essentials.

Third, wear comfortable shoes that will also give warmth and cover the entire feet and legs if possible. Boots are usually great choices for this season but you can always deviate from the norm by wearing sneakers with leg warmers or wear tights and thermal leggings if you opt to wear skirts or dresses.

Fourth, pick a coat. Invest in a coat that will serve both warmth and style. Pick one that suits you and neutral colors are the safest choices to pick. Choose the appropriate material based on the warmth it will give that is right in your area. You don’t want to stay too warm – it’s not comfy either.

I want to mainly focus on the layering tip. For some, it can be a bit tricky but once you try it and get the hang of it, you will actually have fun doing it. It is more like mix and matching. There are many top styles or options which you can use for layering. You can use and layer a basic tank top or a tee under a cute warm sweater – that sure sounds comfy. You can also try it the other way around, by wearing stylish long sleeves or sweater under a fashionable vest. Add even more layering by wearing your choice of top, a cardigan and a jacket. Just make sure you are wearing the proper clothing materials to get just the right amount of warmth you need to.

Keep these tips in mind so you’ll always be prepared in the coming fall and winter season.