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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dramatic Shimmer in Metallic Styles

Metallic styles have been around in the past years but definitely made its statement during this year. Its occurrence during this year in spring and summer had put its mark on the fashion industry. It has made its way through the line of many other worthy trends in fashion. Famous and top designers have indulged in metallic styles, bringing about the futuristic look for each women and men. Dior and Burberry are some of the top designers who engaged in this metallic style. It is believed that Burberry had set the metallic standard. And due to its presence on this year’s runways by top designers, we can make this as our cue to experiment with metallic styles and wear them more often than we normally used to.

For some, they even have no single metallic piece of clothing in their closet. It’s never too late to add even just a single piece of metallic clothing to your wardrobe. Designers have come up with a huge variety of metallic styles; using shiny fabrics, shimmering textures in various styles. The runway has showed us the evolution of metallic styles, not only sticking to plain metallic fabrics but also evolved into printed metallic fabrics and textured metallic fabrics or even metallic fabric detail. All these you will see in dresses, skirts, tops, jackets for women, and some styles for men too.To better appreciate the metallic style I can show you a few of the things how the metallic style evolved. 

Take a close look at these images from the runway of designer fashion. I will share with you two of the latest evolution of the metallic style. There are textured metallics and pastel metallics. Textured metallic from the name itself is the variation of the usually plain metallic fabric into a textured one. Look at this amazing textured metallic peplum skirt; it truly has a dramatic effect, giving the right amount of shimmer in the ensemble. It works like an accessory, spicing up a simple ensemble, making it more interesting and of course, more stylish. A simple top with a textured metallic skirt has been raised to another level. A simple top is never boring with something metallic paired with it. Another evolution to the metallic style is the pastel metallic. When we think of metallic styles, we usually think of gold, silver, bronze and so on. Yes, these common metallic colors are still trendy but designers came up with something more. This time, pastel colors have been combined with the metallic trend, producing an even more unique statement. It has that retro colorful vibe to it, very attractive and still very dramatic. It’s a great way to steer away from the norm of common gold and silver metallic colors. But it doesn't mean you must not wear the usual metallic colors, in fact, it is still trendy because of the new styles these colors are made into. 

Make your look more exciting and come out into a more dramatic yet shimmering look. Invest in these gorgeous metallic styled clothing pieces as these can be timeless too. Give your wardrobe a bit of make over with a few metallic pieces. Visit DHstyles to get the metallic pieces for you to be updated with the latest metallic style trend.