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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Clubbing Tops: Cheap without breaking your bank

After a very tiring work week, we get to say “Thank God It’s Friday!” Friday is the much awaited day of the week because it is the start of the much anticipated weekend. A school girl, a working girl or even a house mom always look forward to a day or an entire weekend of relaxation. The way each one relaxes will depend greatly on one’s own personality. There are those who would prefer to stay at home and be a couch potato all day long to watch a movie. Some might prefer to head on to the coffee shop to read a good book while sipping their favorite Frappuccino, while others invade the night by strutting towards their favorite club to dance the night away.

Party animals always make every effort to look fabulous and stunning every club hopping weekend. However, there are certain things to look into before grabbing anything from your wardrobe of clubbing outfits. Yes, club wear might mean sexy and gorgeous outfits but it doesn't mean you have to look as trashy as a prostitute.

First of all, it is never fab to show too much skin. I’ll share you a little secret too; men don’t want women who look trashy by showing too much skin. For example, wearing mini dresses that are so short they are just right below your buttocks. Yes, you love those smooth and long legs of yours, but you need to tone down baring a bit. With the right top, it’s still fab to wear leggings to a club. Jeans is a big NO as club wear. But if you really wish to wear a pair of jeans, wear a pair of skinny jeans in black.

Second, don’t wear anything too tight. Yes, you are proud of your figure, but too body hugging clothes might not give a great effect. What we are avoiding here is the emergence of rolls at your back or on your sides. It’s fine to wear loose fitting clothes too, not to mention it gives comfort and movement as you do some dance moves.
Lastly, from not baring too much skin, it doesn't mean you have to cover up your entire body. Show a little skin but discreetly so you won’t look trashy. Know your assets and from there, choose which club wear to use. If you want to bare some chest, wear a flattering neckline clubbing top which will actually stay in place.

Speaking of clubbing top, have you seen DHstyles’ club wear selections? You will find cheap clubbing tops and dresses that are definitely trendy. You never have to sacrifice your style by staying consistently trendy with the clubbing tops and dresses DHstyles has to offer. They give it at much lower prices than the suggested retail price. Fashion doesn't have to be always about expensive clothes, shoes and accessories; it is not about what you wear but how you wear it.