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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cheetah print: "A timeless classic"

Hey, I heard you were a wild one! Let your untamed playful side be discovered and dance the night away. We all know how animal printed clothes, specifically cheetah prints bring out an extra oomph of sexiness to women, right? Garments under this category are definitely the perfect addition to your party wardrobe. Try to observe how women who party in clubs these days wear almost the same outfits, there are even incidents when some of these girls wear the exact same clothes as the other – what a horrific incident. I could not even imagine for something so embarrassing like that happen to me. Times like this proves that being different is not so bad after all. You are born to stand out, so why try so hard to belong? Wear cheetah print clothes and be unlike any other!

Domenico Dolce’s take on animal prints: “It’s a timeless classic for us”. That being said, cheetah prints will never go out of style – so stay up to date and be more noticeable than ever. Wear the perfect cheetah whenever and wherever. Pop on your favorite accessories to match with your trendy, sultry and whimsical outfit. Domenico Dolce also said that animal prints “have become a color rather than a print”. Not only the founders of D&G are fascinated by the wonders an animal print offers, but also Hollywood celebrities. Dress to impress and make an impeccable first impression. You will never know who you will bump into, so always look your best regardless the event!

If you are unapologetically feminine, you can never go wrong with cheetah prints. Thing about this kind of print is that, it has an extra kick of femininity to its style. You can wear the most conservative piece of clothing and you can still manage to look irresistibly seductive. Men will surely notice you when you walk down the block in these pair of clothes. Be that sexy female cheetah you have always imagined yourself to be and make that coalition of male cheetahs run after you.

Cheetah prints are the epitome of a day to night outfit and they could also be worn whatever the season is. But is still a little bit complex  than you think it is and it does not necessarily mean it is compatible to match up with just about anything. You see, in fashion, we do not just match prints with prints. You must painstakingly choose what kind of print will not be a sore to the eyes – and it must be the subtlest print you could ever find, or none at all. The same goes with color blocking. A word of advice though, animal prints go best with neutral colors.

On the contrary, though, who am I to tell you what you should and should not match it with? In then end, you still are your own Barbie doll in your own Barbie world. You can do anything you want. You have a different perception of what does and does not look good. So, fire away! Your imagination is the limit.

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