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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boho Tops in the Greenlight

Before anything else, I would just like to clarify that “boho” is different from “hobo”. So if you meant to read about hobos, you have redirected yourself to the wrong site. This is a fashion blog. Go search for your hobo somewhere else! In any case, I know not all of you may have the brightest idea of what a “boho chic” type of fashion is. So let me help you with that. Boho chic is basically a type of female fashion influenced by bohemian and hippie. This trend has been in the green light of fashion since late 2000. Actresses such as Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins and Kate Moss have been spotted wearing this chic fashion.

If you are interested in this look, read along. It only takes a few easy steps to acquire this style! First and foremost, to be considered a boho chick (yes, I meant chick not chic) you need to get that laid back look. What I actually find interesting about this type of fashion – you do not need to show that you have exerted an effort in dressing up and you can still look fashionable to achieve that boho chic look. Ironically cool, huh? Wearing heavy makeup is not even necessary. If anything, concealer to cover up those blemishes and cheek tint to add color on your cheeks would be fine. But you could always go further if you wish to. 

A typical boho chic look needs a couple of over-sized things such as an over-sized bag, an over-sized pair of sunglasses, and an oversized top. Picking the right set of clothes is important to pull off this look but accessorizing is more important. Here is a list of other things a boho chic would wear: Long floaty skirts, Flowy tops, Distressed jeans, cropped military jackets, scarves, and sheepskin and/or cowboy boots.

Going boho only means you get to make the most out of the fun part – over accessorizing! You are going to need necklaces, arm candies, even anklets. This part is limitless; you can stop whenever you are satisfied. Actually, the whole idea of a boho chic look is limitless – there are no rules! Boho chic has a safari feel to its fashion, that is why when it comes to colors; boho chic does not really promote bright colors. They are more of the warm earthy colors. Another fun fact about this look is that women of any age can easily pull it off. Boho chic also has that vintage vibe to it that would look undeniably awesome when it gets combined with modern style. In terms of hair, they love to let their hair out. A boho chic’s hair is usually long and wavy rather than it being short. 

Being boho chic is nice. You send out a cool good vibe to people just by looking at you – you do not even have to say anything. Just like the hippies; like there is not a care you give about anything and I mean that in every good possible way.