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Friday, September 27, 2013

As Seen on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Paisley Ethnic Print Clothes

Paisley for me is one of the all around prints in fashion. It is an all around print because it is widely used as a print for many items such as in clothing apparels, accessories, kitchenware, beddings, gadget accessories, office supplies and more. It has been used extensively for beautification purposes due to its attractive and colorful nature. Paisley is actually the English term for this pattern showing the droplet shape of a vegetable motif from India or Persia.

The Indian or Persian inspired pattern has been trendy during the spring and summer seasons. But there are no reasons why you should not wear or use anything that is in Paisley prints or patterns. This pattern has already been in the mainstream of fashion, thus making it timeless. In fact, this pattern can be good not only for spring and summer but also for the cold seasons like winter and fall. A pop of color will be good for those cold and gloomy seasons. The exotic pattern of paisley can be so alluring. The various shapes aside from the dominant droplet shape, and the combination of multiple vibrant or bold colors makes it so. The intricate pattern design makes it an expressive pattern.

Check out the sexy and gorgeous Rosie Huntington –Whiteley, known as Carly from the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and famous for being a Victoria’s Secret model; she donned a paisley printed trousers and rocked it with a white laced top. It seems she loves the paisley print and I won’t even wonder why. She again chose to wear the exotic paisley print but this time, as a dress. She wore an Isabel Marant Spring 2013 Paisley dress with a braided belt across her waist, as she leaves a salon in Los Angeles, California. The classic and ethnic Paisley print was transformed by this sexy celebrity into a modern and chic look by using aviators, wearing a tan Chloe shoes and grabbing a tan clutch bag with her.  She looks absolutely glamorous and timeless. She certainly knew how to rock this intricate pattern. No doubt the paisley pattern as classic as it is, can also be modern and stylish. Famous designers are doing a great job in making this exotic pattern remain in the fashion industry and adding a few upgrades and innovation to this print. This intricate pattern has been seen mixed with other inspirations such as kimono dresses like what Rosie is wearing. The cut of the dress is inspired by the Japanese kimono robes, printed with the Paisley pattern started by the Indians or Persians. Mixing of inspirations is an example of designer innovations with fashion.

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Paisley Ethnic Print Clothes