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Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Dress for Valentine's? Let Me Count the Ways!

Valentine's day is fast approaching! Are you ready for the most romantic day of the year? You're going to want to look your best from head to toe so you can capture the attention of that special someone. Nothing to wear? No worries! There's still just enough time to order a unique look that will make you look and feel incredible!

A great Valentine's day style is all about looking charming, beautiful, romantic, and sexy. Here at DHstyles, we specialize in providing fashion that will make you look great all year round, so of course we've got just the thing to make you look stunning on that special day! Not only have we put together one of the most extensive Valentine's collections that you'll find anywhere, but we've also included pieces that can be worked into your wardrobe all year round. What's the key to choosing something that you can wear the other 364 days of the year? Choosing the right style that fits your tastes.

No matter what your searching for, you can find it here. This article has been dedicated to highlighting some of the top trends of the season and how they easily translate into a great Valentine's day look. Really though, they'll look great at any occasion that calls for elegance for any time of the year!

Floral prints are coming back in a huge way this season. Once considered a design meant for kids' rooms or grandmothers, runways have taken everything from blooms to bouquets and translated them into looks that are cutting edge, super cute, and absolutely stunning. Floral designs have become one of our most popular collections at DHstyles, and what better way to celebrate Valentines day than with a dress printed with flowers!

The strapless dress to the far left is incredibly flirty! A simple strapless dress printed with large pink and white blossoms, equipped with a waist-cinching belt, is sweet and cute! The next dress, a lovely black halter dress printed with bright pink floral clusters and made with an A-line skirt is the ultimate in girly! It even has a cream colored crochet detail at the back! The next dress features a popular pink and brown color combo. Brown mesh flowers detail the top hem of the floral pink fabric for a super feminine detail. The rightmost, one shoulder red dress is incredibly trendy! A flower print accented with a rosette detail at the waist is ideal for Valentine's day!

Aside from a festive print, the type of fabric you don on that romantic day can also make a statement. Lace can always provide a look that's elegant, stunning, and incredibly sexy! Another vast collection of ours, our lace looks cover a wide range of styles.

The magenta pink dress to the far left will really get you noticed! A shock of hot pink detailed with black lace at either side is chic and sexy. The next, black and light pink plunged baby-doll dress features a black lace overlay that completely covers the top portion of the dress. Plunged neckline is mirrored in the back for a hot look! The bright red dress has a subtle but stylish sheer red lace material at the upper bust and on the back. Simple can be very sultry! The next, strapless dress gives the lace look a more girly feel with a ruffled top hem and a satin sash at the waist. Lace is one the most romantic trends of the season!

The cut and silhouette of the fabric is also a key component in the style of your look. There's tons of trends out there this season that are all about treating fabrics to create texture that adds a whole new level of style to your look. Pleats are coming back in full force, as well as ribbed textures and ruched details. One of the biggest, and one of our favorite, textures on the runway this season is ruffles!

A strapless red dress with a single satin ruffle at the top hem is THE way to go for a look that's simple, easy to accessorize, and perfect for romance. The pastel pink dress with tiny keyhole at the bust features an elegant waterfall ruffle that runs all the way down the side of the dress. Talk about demure and beautiful! The next, flirty fuchsia strapless dress adorned with lace ruffles, arranged in descending tiers is the ultimate in sweet and sensual. The last bright red dress has a contemporary flair with over-sized ruffles surrounding the neckline and a black pleather belt that helps accentuate your form.

So you now that you've got your outfit down, turn into a breathtaking statement with the right accessories! Our collection has everything you need to sparkle and shine from head to toe!

A classic set of pearls looks great with just about anything! The set featured here comes with a stunning necklace as well as a pair of matching earrings so you can create a complete look or mix and match to create a number of styles! Red stiletto pumps? What better way to strut in style for that special day!? The jewel clustered heart pendant featured on the necklace is both eye catching and super cute. Top off your look with a red, glitter clutch and you'll be set to spend your Valentine's day in complete style!

Shop our Valentine's Day 2012 Collection now for some hot wardrobe additions that are steamy enough for February 14th, and stylish enough or any other day of the year!