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Friday, January 27, 2012

White: Classic, Pristine, and Beautiful!

One color that's made a huge appearance this season is the ever classic, pristine and beautiful color white. Whether it's white, ivory, cream, or eggshell; white is the new way to make a statement. Although it seems basic enough, it can an incredibly fashion forward look when worn the right way. Of course there's many myths to dispel: Don't wear white after labor day, it's only for weddings, it's too plain; the list goes on!

Here at DHstyles, we love this beautiful color on everything from shoes to tops, leggings, and accessories, but we ESPECIALLY love white dresses! They'll make you gorgeous in an instant. The color is flattering with so many skin tones, and white's one of the easiest colors to accessorize! The classic white dress; it's a great way to break the traditional little black dress and make a statement. No matter what your style or taste, we've got an extensive selection of white dresses where you're sure to find the perfect fit!

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of a white dress is elegance. Whether you're going to a party or getting ready for date night, an elegant look in white will make you shine and feel beautiful.

DHstyles is your one stop source for an elegant evening look! A satin maxi dress creates a stunning and dramatic look, while a strapless tube dress with a chiffon overlay can be very demure. A one shoulder dress with a colorful plume of ruffles gives the classic look a playful flair, and the peplum featured on the dress to the far right gives the look a very feminine charm.

Just because you're wanting to wear white doesn't mean you have to stick with a classic look. This color has withstood the ever-changing world of trends in fashion, so it's been translated into a number of different styles. If your look is all about girlish charm, white is perfect for you!

The sleeveless dress to the far left features a crochet lace overlay with a daisy print that's incredibly flirty. The next dress has a row of pleats that puts a girly spin on the classic halter style. Sheer, tiered lace on the last two dresses creates a look that's so charming and sweet, it'll have you blushing!

Many women today crave a look that's cutting edge and fashion forward. White is being used all over this season's runways to create dresses that are chic, contemporary, and nothing short of artfully crafted. DHstyles is THE perfect place to get a modern look without giving in to a sky high designer price tag.

You simply can't find fashion like this anywhere else! The one shoulder dress to the far left has a modern twist with a segmented bust for a trendy, contemporary style. The next dress is overlaid with sheer white mesh fabric that's been draped in a modern style. The next, empire waisted dress has a toga style neckline that's very edgy, while the last dress features an asymmetrical zipper on the front with a ruffle that's totally hip and very trendy!

What about when you just want to go at night and have some serious fun? We've got you covered! Covered in white that is! Since white is not an incredibly common color to wear the club, this is THE way to stand out and get noticed!

You'll definitely get noticed in any of these hot dresses! The form fitting white dress to the far left features a draped neckline is dotted with silver, metallic studs for a dazzling look. The next dress features a sexy plunged neckline. Second from the right, this belted dress has an exposed zipper closure lined with gunmetal silver studs and chains for a punk chic look. The rightmost dress features two lines of asymmetrical lace-ups, across the bust and across the neckline. Party the night away with confidence in one of our sexy, club ready dresses!

Whether you're planning on an elegant party, a flirty date, a night at the club, or you just want an everyday look that's chic; white is an incredibly smart and versatile choice. A clean, crisp look that will give any style a touch of classic beauty. Forget the age old fashion myths surrounding the color! Wear white whenever and wherever, and all eyes will be on you!