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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Trends at DHstyles!

We absolutely love everything fashion at DHstyles! Not only are we dedicated to style, but we're even more dedicated to bringing it to you at a price that's easy on the wallet! Most of us associate the hottest trends with the highest price tags, but we know better than that! You don't have to break the bank to look fabulous, but you already know that if DHstyles is your one stop shop for everything stylish!

Everyday, we work hard to search for the trendiest looks that also provide the absolute best value for your dollar. We keep in mind the season's most sought after designs, silhouettes, patterns, and colors so that we can bring you nothing but the best! The world of fashion changes rapidly when it comes to what's in vogue, that's why we've included a wide range of styles so that you can find what's trendy, as well as what suits your unique tastes!

Not sure where to go? We don't blame you, our inventory is a massive collection with a ton of variety! We've picked out a few of our favorite looks and trends to help give some you a little direction. Here are just a few of our top favorites:

Feminine and Flirty Ruffles:

Dresses, tops, skirts, and more; we absolutely love anything embellished with ruffles! They can translate into classy, sophisticated looks; or they can be used to add a flirtatious flair that will make you feel incredibly girly. Whether the ruffle is just an accent or the focal point of the piece, it adds volume and texture which can turn any outfit into a statement! Shop our ruffled looks now!

Sultry and Modern One Shoulder Looks:

Also known as the cold shoulder look, this trend is taking the runway and red carpet by storm this season! The asymmetrical neckline created by the one shoulder style makes this a very contemporary look, and the exposed shoulder lets you flaunt your skin in a whole new way. Wear a one shoulder top for a stylish day look, and a one shoulder dress for an evening look that's nothing short of stunning! Shop our extensive one shoulder collection today!

Stripes: A Timeless Pattern:

Stripes are one of the few prints that can stand the test of time. They're easily adapted into a wide range styles no matter what's in the season's spotlight. Horizontal, vertical, pinstripes, zig-zag designs, bayadere, herringbone; the versions and possibilities go on and on! This pattern also translates easily from day to night. Use stripes as an accent (like the gray cardigan pictured above) or go head to toe for a bold look that's absolutely classic! Take a look at our huge stripe collection!

Sheer or "See Through" Clothing:

Once considered too revealing to sport as an everyday look, designers are pushing the limits and breaking barriers with the season's hottest trend of sheer clothing. From demure blouses, to elegant cocktail dress, a bit of sheer can go a long way. A sheer shawl or scarf draped over your outfit can be alluring, but going all out with a sheer top is THE way for the ultimate in sex appeal. Don't think this look is for you? Start with layering! Sheer tops are a great way to add another layer of style to a cute cami or tank! Shop our extensive sheer collection now!

The styles don't stop here! These are just a few favorites we've selected out of the multitude of trendy styles we carry. Great selection, unbeatable prices, the seasons top trends, want even more from DHstyles? We're here to deliver! Follow our blog, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to the newsletter for sweet hook-ups you can't get anywhere else!