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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Costume Idea: Fashion Fairy!

Parties, candy, decorating, and costumes! Hands down, Halloween is THE holiday for flexing that creative muscle. What’s the most fun part of the holiday creations? Getting to conjure up a fabulous costume! Every year we go to parties where someone has the award winning costume that everyone remembers. This year, it’s your turn to take center stage! All it takes is your unique flair for style combined with the fabulous Halloween Collection that we’ve put together here at DHstyles.com, and you’ve got the perfect potion for a captivating costume!

Whether you’re into vampires and devils, or princesses and fairies; we’ve got just about everything you need to don something that’s utterly enchanting. There's a multitude of options out there, narrowing down the look that's right for you can be a daunting task! A look that everyone will remember? One that will stand out above the rest? The pressure's really on now! No worries, you've got the DH Blog right at your fingertips!

For the rest of the week, we're bringing you imaginative creations that are not only worthy of the hottest Halloween parties, but they're also incredibly practical and affordable. Every item in our extensive Costume Collection can be reworked into almost any outfit for the other 364 days of the year. Sexy dresses, super cute skirts, flashy accessories, and runway worthy shoes; the style options are endless!

So far, we've conjured up cunning costume ideas for a prissy princess, a red hot devil girl, a groovy hippie chick, a vixen vampiress, a poster perfect pin up, and a wickedly sexy witch. Who knew you could create so many options for one night, from store that provides fabulous fashion all year round?! Well we certainly did! Today, the DH stylists have brought you yet another show stopping Halloween look you're bound to love. Get ready! All you need are some simple wings and a magic wand; add them to the following collection for a whimsical fashion fairy costume!

Fairies are all about anything that's super cute! Whether you want a pretty and glittery get up, or an edgier pixie look; we've got just the thing to turn your fairy costume into a fairy tale Halloween with a happy ending! Just check out some of the selections of gorgeous dresses and skirts that will have everyone absolutely enchanted when you flutter past the party!

What else makes a fairy other than her elegantly elfish dress?

This gorgeous, storybook look is taken to the next level with some dazzlingly beautiful accessories! DHstyles' Accessory Collection has a limitless selection of whimsical wares so you can complete you fabulous folklore look!

Now you've got a great get up that's all geared up with the perfect accessories, all you need is a fabulous pair of shoes! These stylish selections are the perfect thing to add some magic to your look, and they're also a great addition to your wardrobe that's perfect to wear all year round.


See there, how easy was that?! A perfectly cute and utterly enchanting fairy costume conjured up in a matter of minutes! This look is sure to land you center stage at your Halloween party. Get ready for a night of magic and wonder in this style! Everyone will fall under your spell for sure! Don't wait til the last minute! Grab up these pieces now for the look you'll love! Halloween is just around the corner, start now if you want to get a look that's utterly unforgettable! Halloween is a chance to be daring and bold. Don't be afraid, go ALL OUT!

Not a fanciful fairy kind of girl? No worries! Keep following our blog and you'll get what you're craving! Everyday we'll be bringing you more suggestions for looks with killer style! Check out our costume collection to browse for even more ideas!