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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Costume Idea: Vixen Vampiress!

It's a little over 2 weeks until the spookiest night of the year! The time to grab the perfect costume is now! Every year, we spend tons of money and too much time trying to piece together costumes that, no matter how fabulous, we can only wear once a year. How impractical is that? No worries, with the help of DHstyles.com, you can create a crowd pleasing costume that's bound to be a hit at your Halloween party, without being a hit on your wallet!

Everyday this week, we're bringing you handpicked pieces from our extensive Costume Collection that will help you plan out the ideal getup. So far, we've conjured up a perfectly prissy princess, a red hot devil girl, and a groovy gal that's totally Woodstock ready. Whether you want to keep it simple, or go all out in style; we've got everything you need. We've also got it at great, low prices that simply can't be beat by other online stores! No matter what you're planning on masquerading around in, the best thing about tricking and treating with your DHstyles costume is that you can easily work these selections into your outfits for the other 364 days of the year!

This costume idea is for the daringly dark girl. This season, this night prowler isn't just a popular choice for Halloween costumes; they're taking our culture by storm in best selling book series, block buster movies, and hit TV show series. What else could we be referencing other than the vamped up vampire! They're not the old, creepy Nosferatu style creatures from the old days, the modern vampire is all about glam and sex appeal!

Whether you want an understated corset and skirt combo, or a sumptuous dress that looks
likes you just came straight from a Transylvania castle, we've got just the thing!

You're gonna be one hot midnight maiden with these seductively stylish pieces! Take your blood lust look to the next level by throwing on some vamped up accessories. From head to toe, we’ve got everything you need for gorgeously Gothic look that you'll want to sink your teeth into!

The best way to top off your look? Get ready to prowl the night in the perfect pair of shoes! Strut like a vixen in these sexy heels. The vixen vampire is all about looking sleek and sexy, these handpicked pieces will do just that!

Thirst for blood and fabulous style in this incredibly sexy, vixen vampiress costume! All you need is some creativity, your unique flair for style, and the help of DHstyles and our awesome costume collection! This look is certainly a surefire HIT that everyone will remember after that especially spooky Hallows Eve has passed.

Don't wait til the last minute! Grab up these pieces now for the look you'll love! Halloween is just around the corner, start now if you want to get a look that's utterly unforgettable! Halloween is chance to be daring and bold. Don't be afraid, go ALL OUT! Take your sex appeal to the next level in this costume that's all about sex appeal.

Not a vampire kind of girl? No worries! Keep following our blog and you'll get what you're craving! Everyday we'll be bringing you more suggestions for looks with killer style! Check out our costume collection to browse for even more ideas!