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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

Fall is quickly approaching and the fashion forward woman must always be prepared. Two of the biggest fashion statements this fall are sheer gossamer fabrics, preferably ankle length and pleats. DHSTYLES has plenty of both styles.

Pleating is at the fashion forefront this fall. We are seeing pleats everywhere, from vertical pleated busts, pleated empire waistlines to double pleated hemlines. The most trendy form of pleating this fall is going to be on any type of lightweight fabric, the pleats are going to be loose airy and ethereal. We are even seeing more pleating in pants and suits this fall as well.

Knee-length pleated overskirt at Dion Lee
Courtesy of http://www.fashionising.com

For the more modest fashionista, sheer fabrics almost seem impractical and something you might not even consider wearing, but there are ways to wear sheer clothes if you are modest. One of the best things you can pair with is a lightweight slip, either full body or just the skirt. You can also find fabrics that are gathered and have extra volume. A skirt with a built in lining or slip is also an option.

This styles may not seem ideal for the fall or winter but there are lots of options out there to counteract the cold weather. Layering is very popular right now so adding some thick knit socks for the boho trend, tights or even boots instead of strappy sandals can make sheer doable for the cold months