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Monday, October 17, 2011

Costume Idea: Wickedly Witchy!

Time is running out fast! Get your costumes now! Halloween is right around the corner, and the only thing scarier than ghouls and ghosts, is taking the bench on tricking and treating just because you don't have a costume! Every year, we spend tons of money and too much time trying to piece together costumes that, no matter how fabulous, we can only wear once a year. How impractical is that? No worries, with the help of DHstyles.com, you can create a crowd pleasing costume that's bound to be a hit at your Halloween party, without being a hit on your wallet!

We’ve taken this week to devote our blog to bring you daily ideas for those of you who usually stay stumped for costumes up until the last minute. No need to fret! We’ve handpicked the flashiest, most festive pieces that are ideal for putting together a midnight magic worthy look in seconds! No need to throw your costume in the attic or closet and let it collect dust for the next 364 days, you can easily take any of these pieces and work them into outfits all year long. Talk and posh AND practical!

We've conjured up a wickedly classic costume idea for today that's as sexy as it is spooky! Grab your enchanted brooms and get ready to ride in with style to your Halloween festivities as a wickedly fashionable witch! How can you look sexy while sporting a cauldron crafty getup? This potion's not too hard to conjure up, just take a look at all the selections we've handpicked just for you!

Now that you've got the perfect get up, the next step is transforming the look into an enchantingly charming guise. Seem like a daunting spell to pull off? With these crafty pieces, putting the look together is as easy as magic!

You've got 2/3 of the look down, now you need some startlingly sexy shoes so you can make an appearance at the party they'll never forget! Not only are these THE shoes to turn your look into a whimsical, wicked costume, they're also trendy pieces you can work in with any other look in any other season! Every girl loves a stylish pair of shoes, and everyone will fall in love with your look when they see you in these!

Make the most of your Halloween this year with fashion finds that will not only give you a horror flick worthy costume, but they'll also give you a runway worthy look the rest of the year. Along with looking great and feeling festively fabulous, what else is so awesome about styling your costume from DHstyles' creative collection? You're not spending a fortune on pieces you can only wear one day a year! This beautiful pieces can be worked into a number of looks all year long! Now your stylish and smart!

With our one of a kind Costume Collection, we're practically your one stop shop for all that' s fabulously Halloween! We've got unique pieces that are trendy and affordable, and you've also got great stylists putting together clever costume ideas. So sit back and relax! No need to go out and hit all the pricey costume outlets, we've taken the work out of finding that perfect look and brought the creativity to YOU!

Keep following our blog and you'll get what you're craving! Everyday we'll be bringing you more suggestions for looks with killer style! Check out our costume collection to browse for even more ideas!

Happy Halloween all you fashionistas!