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Friday, October 29, 2010

The cocktail dress is a staple element of every fashionable woman’s wardrobe.  It can be worn for a variety of occasions including parties,
The cocktail dress is a staple element of every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn for a variety of occasions including parties, weddings, semi-formal occasions or a night on the town. The cocktail dress can be found in many shapes and forms to satisfy the distinct tastes of every woman. However, with such a wealth of choices it is necessary to know what type you are looking for so you are not overwhelmed. Cocktail dresses vary in length from mid-thigh (mini) to ankle, however dresses hitting closer to the ankle are usually classified as evening gowns. Cocktail dresses also vary in terms of formality with regard to the fiber content. Those consisting of silk are more formal, while polyester and cotton give a more semi-formal or casual look and feel.
Of course you can never go wrong with the ultimate cocktail dress—the little black dress. Black has the distinct ability to mask any number of figure flaws whether real or imagined. In addition to this, black is a fashionable color and a neutral that suits every complexion. There is no occasion that black is not appropriate for; even the taboo of wearing black to weddings is no longer applicable in these modern times. Have fun with the little black dress by jazzing it up with accessories. You can take a black cocktail dress and pair it with different accessories for different occasions and feel like you’re wearing completely different outfits because of the wonderful versatility of this ubiquitous garment.
If you are feeling bold and want to try a trendier cocktail dress, you might try a one-shoulder or cut-out cocktail dress. Many celebs have rocked this look and you can pull off too if you follow a few rules. First, don’t go overly trendy. If you are wearing a cut-out dress keep the focus on that, don’t over-accessorize and make the outfit too busy. In addition, be sure you are comfortable and confident in the style. For example, with the one-shoulder dress, if your upper arms are a problem area, you will want to steer clear.
While all fashion is about seduction, there are a few types of cocktail dresses that are specifically designed to enhance your sex appeal. Most of these dresses expose the skin, but if you are more modest there are plenty of sexy cocktail dresses that don’t reveal too much. Furthermore, it is in good taste to show some skin in one area and not all. If you are going for a low open back then make sure the dress is at least knee-length and has a relatively high neck. If you are going to wear a mini-dress, keep the cleavage minimal, and so forth. Keep in mind that you want to accentuate your best features and minimize any imperfections. If you are showing off your best asset you will feel more confident and sexy!
Whichever type of cocktail dress you choose be sure to let you own personal style shine through it. It is the right of every woman to have a great cocktail dress that makes her feel sexy, beautiful and confident. Whether you opt for a more classic design or an of-the-moment and trendy cocktail dress, you will love the way you feel in this versatile dress.