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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update on the classic jacket

The jacket is a piece of clothing that can evoke comfort and confidence in a woman’s wardrobe. This season the hot item to have is the timeless denim jacket. In these dreary economic times women are reaching for the classics that give them comfort, and the denim jacket is the epitome of classic outerwear. Not only is the denim jacket ageless, it is versatile. Throw one on with some black skinny pants and a tunic for a chic casual look, or pair it with a cocktail dress for a more elegant look.

Another trend for jackets this fall is the corduroy jacket. The soft cords offer a comfortable and wearable choice. Corduroy is also a timeless look like denim that we reach for in this back-to-basics climate. This adaptable fabric is available in structured or feminine looks. A cord jacket can be worn over a soft tee with a pair of jeans or with a flowing chiffon dress.

Denim and corduroy may take us back to a time when things were simpler, but they are coming back with a contemporary twist that will compliment any modern woman’s wardrobe.